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PF-Possible Tracks
PF-Possible Tracks04 Dec, 2012
 Hans Holo (15 comments, 1323 views)  

on my latest track I might have done something that has not been done before: a track that can be finished by pressing forward, but also has a raceline (that is faster than the pf, of course).

Does anyone know about any other tracks like this?

I would like to play them and feature them on this blog.
I'm not talking about PFs that can be cut, or tracks that can accidentally be finished by scratching at the borders throughout the track, but tracks that are designed to race and press forward.

Maybe I can also encourage people to build "pf-possible" tracks. It's a great challenge in the editor, because you have to keep two tracks in mind all the time. I would really like to see the ideas of others. (Maybe this could be a cool MTC-theme.)

15 comment(s).
 flipover writes ... 13, Feb, 2013  
Hey Hans Holo!

ranz-josef666 sent me this link and I have to thank fabio for letting you know about Dubspeed.

I really have no idea if I will ever do something like that again, it's hard to make something like that without cuts, possible to be played online in any server (except playpal online) and without any significant lag. Not to mention a costum made mod created by me and fabio for that specific track.

But if I ever make a new one, I will be sure to let you know in here.

Will be talking a look at this topic to see if any more good playable pf-possible tracks are shown here so I can try them too :d

Again, thank you fabio for noticing this topic and letting Hans (and other players) know about the track I made (with loads of help from you hehehe)

Cheers and keep having fun,
 Hans Holo writes ... 12, Feb, 2013  
Suptimal has built a PF-track that has a raceline: "[PF]PowerLess by   SuptimaL
The PF is excellent.
Too bad that the raceline has only 1 checkpoint. But the PF is worth trying...

I have also played Dubspeed, suggested by fabio_m:
The PF is great, the race is great, everybody who is still playing TM1 should give it a try. :build:
 Hans Holo writes ... 17, Jan, 2013  
Thanks for the answers. I'll play the other track as soon as I have some time.
 fab'm writes ... 17, Jan, 2013  
this one is cool and fits with the subject :)
 Zack11 writes ... 09, Jan, 2013  
I've done it on one of my maps, but it was not very fun because no-one knew the faster way to do it unless I was on the server at the time ;) I could update it, but I just think its a cool concept, but only for fun
 Hans Holo writes ... 07, Dec, 2012  
I've played the other pf-possible tracks:

Monster Mash:

Was done with old game physics, isn't working.
The raceline is very, very hard.

Principium finis:

One of the greatest PFs I have ever seen! (y) (but blockmixed)
The raceline was too hard for me to drive...
 SPIDER writes ... 06, Dec, 2012  
Thx..Mate, 1128 is your stunt score. (y)

Pretty low for this track.:o

Btw: very nice and compact build track. good work...

 Hans Holo writes ... 06, Dec, 2012  
Thank you very much for your answers. Now I have a good reason to start the old united-engine again...
@Spider: I'll pm you soon.
 Voyager006 writes ... 05, Dec, 2012  
bennnnnnn used to build such tracks in the older TM games :) The PFs were often freestyle-orientated.
 ddbb writes ... 05, Dec, 2012  

botw at tmx, really insane PF, but the racing line isnt that good, i think he added the race line as a bonus
 SPIDER writes ... 05, Dec, 2012  
sorry he hade deleted that track :(
he deleted allmost all his tracks and i also deleted 500+ in the same time but i regret that :'( but that was 2 years ago or something8-|
but your pf is amazing ;)

and his pf way was faster and a secret that no one figure out :p

btw: can you pm me your password to the track, i would like to see the track in stunt mode ?
 md writes ... 05, Dec, 2012  
pretty much sure this was the very first example of a 'ps-possibile' race.
it was a damn fine track too as far as i can remember. ;)
 Hans Holo writes ... 05, Dec, 2012  
I always wanted to do this with Island, but I've always been too lazy...
@Spider: can you link your brother's track?
 SPIDER writes ... 04, Dec, 2012  
my brother made one at tmnf (tmx)
 arzgaa writes ... 04, Dec, 2012  
Cool, I had the same idea back in the tmuf but I never went ahead and did it. Great to see someone's had the same thoughts and done that(y) And as far as I can tell, there aren't many (if any) tracks with the idea. :p
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