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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 (3348 days ago)
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Nickname: Zack11
Location: Idaho, United States
Interests: Trackmania, YouTube, Parkour, Music

About Me:
Hi all! I have always loved making maps, especially using MediaTracker :) I was first inspired by Falkers to make "Transitional" maps. However, even though Falker's maps were fun, they were too difficult for me. Ever since, I have tried to create maps with amazing transitions, but are easy enough for a Rounds server (y) I have also loved making Press Forward maps, but I usually only make these when I have large amounts of time. My most successful track is [PF] ADRENAL!NE, which is a 3 minutes long PF that is very fast and insanely smooth :cool: My best transitional map is RAD!OACT!VE, which is fun to hunt, has great flow, cool transitions, and is not very difficult :) I was also inspired by Falkers to put a lot of time into MediaTracker and Scenery. This means that all of my maps have high quality scenery, and full MediaTracker work! I am constantly improving, and I know I have a long way to go, but I hope you can come along and enjoy the ride!

Apart from tracks, I also create YouTube videos and Screenshots :) I take pride in the fact that all of my videos are created 100% in MediaTracker, with no fancy programs! Also, I create all of my screenshots through a free program called Paint.net :)

Youtube: My Youtube Channel features K-projects, Short Films, Map Times, and much more!

Although it was Falkers who got me interested in maps in the first place, I am also inspired by Sic and MirExpress, who constantly amaze me with their creativity :d


[PF] ADRENAL!NE: (Warning, this PF map no longer works, so please watch the video, and award it based on that :))

Some other great maps:




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