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Creating Perfection Project by Zack11
Creating Perfection Project by Zack11 08 Sep, 2014
 Zack11 (6 comments, 1243 views)  
I recently hunted "E03 - Ultimate Nightmare" for the world record, but I started to wonder: What is Perfect? Creating Perfection was born!

Creating Perfection is where I hunt small parts of the map until I get them perfect, and then put together all the best parts to create a "Perfect Run." For E03, I used 10 different replays, and created a time almost 13 seconds faster then the world record. My first video hides the change between replays by changing camera angles at the same time, but I also made a "Behind the Scenes" video from the default view that shows each time the replay changes.

E03 Ultimate Nightmare World Record
Creating Perfection - E03 Ultimate Nightmare
Creating Perfection - E03 - Behind The Scenes

Do you know of any Long, Difficult, maps where the World Record could be improved?
Please comment below!
6 comment(s).
 Zack11 writes ... 15, Sep, 2014  
Okay, I will make sure that the next one is more perfect then this one was ;) I will probably go a little more "hard core" on the next one, and break it into smaller pieces ;) Thanks for the suggestion, and very nice time btw :o
 Voyager006 writes ... 15, Sep, 2014  
Cool idea ! Looking forward to see comparisons on other maps :)
Just one thing - is the perfect time perfect enough ?

My curiosity led me to set a new time on this map. A time which is uncomfortably close to your calculated time of 2:24.13. In addition, I ruined a run which was considerably faster (which also includes the cut after first checkpoint). That run were 3,5 seconds ahead of my current time at CP8. If you take a 1,5s stop into account as well, it would result in a time of 2:21.

So, you might want to make the perfection time better unless someone should be able to beat them ;)
 Mazer writes ... 11, Sep, 2014  
what about the E03? ;P ... or over 9000? District 25 is also pretty long/hard... but chuckie already has an insane AT on it^^
 Zack11 writes ... 09, Sep, 2014  
I agree it would be cool to see a "comparison" between a few replays, but unfortunately the car is too far forward to see the competition ;) if the WR and the "creating perfection" run we're closer, then I would include both :)
 Nesrally writes ... 09, Sep, 2014  
Interesting idea...... Some impressive run u have there... But as for me, always better to watch video from a real competition..... Witch is why I did not watch much all the BOTW video on youtube. We see race like it every time we watch our own replay, or the GPS replay, so it did not give much excitement. If all the players replay was included in the video, we could see the competition, witch for me are a lot more exiting to watch...... Just my 5 cent... But as I said, it is an interesting idea...... :cool:
 erikfzr writes ... 08, Sep, 2014  
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