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Location: Home  Blogs  arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #10 
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #10
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #1003 Nov, 2012
  arzgaa (9 comments, 1531 views)  
Hey there!

Today we're having another meal of randomness, this time in the form of a multilaptrack. :p
First I have to ask for your help though. I'm having an issue with playing trackmania 2 online. Everytime I play online, I keep getting these small lagspikes every 5-15 seconds. I've googled it, no help. I've checked my game settings and they seemed allright. I don't have this problem while playing solo. Having these lag spikes annoy the heck out of me and I can't really do a good time with this.:'( All the help is appreciated.=p


Yay, a screenshot!

This track here. To put my feelings into words, at first I hated it, then I had fun with it. Then I stopped having fun with it. Just like that. Well to be honest, when I saw the screenshot I was thinking, this must be one of the simplest tracks so far, and judging by that, not too good either. But you know what they say about judging things by the looks. Don't.

Moral lessons aside, the track actually was what I thought it would be. My first few runs I kept crashing and rolling all over the place. And hitting the walls too. I didn't feel too good. I was almost angry, but that might have something to do with today's attempts to race online with the lagspikes from hell, so I decided to keep my feelings in order.
After this I started liking the track a bit, the first long curve to the right flows actually quite brilliantly. But that's pretty much all I enjoyed in this map. Well, the "minimalistic" scenery looks quite cool. It really felt like I was racing a track in the middle of a desert. Really.=p

The rest of the track was a bit like eating a bread that doesn't taste like anything. It was boring. And the last curve was way too tight. It made me " :@ " after I messed up a lot of times there. (Then I heard my inner Jedi Master saying "patience my young padawan, peace is the path to travel":| ) Eventually I succeeded to make a clean run of 3 laps. And while I made a completely crappy run, I defeated the author time. Not too much effort on it apparently.

Now now, anyone reading this, or not, should go and race themselves the world record to this track. Would be a great thing to see actually :p It feels like the community is way too small considering the amount of tracks:|
That's all for now, keep racing ya'll ;)
I'm out. I mean, I'm still here but... You know:cool:

P.S. Oh. Yeah. Monstercat media released their latest collection album, which actually happens to be #10 (like my blog here, woohooo :d ). This calls for a brilliant song from it :p Rundfunk - A Dream

P.S.S. Look at the small dude go=p
9 comment(s).
  Minato writes ... 07, Nov, 2012  
  arzgaa writes ... 06, Nov, 2012  
Hahhah :d That was fast of minato :d
Great to see that people are getting some competition going on ;)
  SPIDER writes ... 06, Nov, 2012  
1:07 is possible:cool:
1000 planets to the one to first to reach 1:07:xx

pm me if you do that ;)
cuts = dq
  arzgaa writes ... 04, Nov, 2012  
Thank you man, damn there's a lot of options :d I've already checked my options but double checking is never bad. :p
Let's see if any of the stuff works :p
  SPIDER writes ... 04, Nov, 2012  
yeah hi to you to,, hehe fun to read as always ;) maybe try the track tomorro :)

try those things. btw i am just guessing.
it can be the sound or the graphic card or the hdd becouse when you are online you play agains other cars with sound effects and there is more to load online compare to offline8-|
try turn of opponents "o" if this help it meight be sound or the graphic card

to disable in..
peer to peer tab

auto update from locator
auto update at internet connection
custom cars

game tab
ignore player skins
disable scan cache

disable advertising

turn of audio and see if it helps
or change audio device or change quality of the sound
maybe its the soundcard becouse there is alot of diffrent sound online that your computer need to handle

display tab

click compatibility
enable check lags
disable "enable multi threds
turn of v-sync

change light from map to my vehicle
have fun :p

share my experience and guessing what it can be..
hope this help you :)
  arzgaa writes ... 03, Nov, 2012  
(y) Great comment :d
  XT»Marti writes ... 03, Nov, 2012  
(y) great reading!
  arzgaa writes ... 03, Nov, 2012  
Thank you, I appreciate it =) It's all good, it's always nicer to hear that people have actually read the post when they comment it =)
I'm not sure if it's a ping problem though :p
  Elissar writes ... 03, Nov, 2012  
Nice review, and as always, it is fun, instructive and well written. I think it is my first comment about your posts so sorry not to express myself that much:$ but keep going putting some animation on this site !(y)

PS : No idea where your ping problem come from, sorry
PPS : Nice music
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