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Location: Home  Blogs  arzgaa's Random Seriousness of the Day [#11] 
arzgaa's Random Seriousness of the Day [#11]
arzgaa's Random Seriousness of the Day [#11]05 Nov, 2012
  arzgaa (12 comments, 1642 views)  
Well, well, well...

We meet again. And guess what? Today I'm serious, seriously. And now that I am serious like I always am, I want to discuss this one topic that really needs some change. I've already said something about this before, but I'm going to have to say this again.

It's about you my dear community, so you had better listen....... Carefully....

Here's the deal. This site is a wonderfully developed service that makes it a million times easier to share your tracks ,allows you to find other's tracks (Literally, the world is in your hands) and most of all, it makes it so easy to give feedback about the tracks and in the best cases, give them awards.

Why on earth are you people not using these features to the fullest? The award is a thing you show your appreciation towards the track/author with. And there's a reason it lets you include a short comment about why that specific track deserved an award. To let the author know what you liked about the track. If you liked the brilliant drift in the second last curve, say that. If it was the "most beautiful scenery" you have ever seen, praise it. The worst thing (in my humble opinion) you can say is "good track". Or "award". Why the heck would you say something the author already knows. Assumably you're awarding the track because the track is good and it's quite clear the award is an award. :o

And saying stuff like "perfect" is rather, how would I say it, odd. If someone built a perfect track would we ever need any other tracks? You just can't go claiming something is perfect unless everyone in the world has driven the track and completely agrees with you.

Here's a simple thing you could do when awarding a track. Ask yourself this question:


And let it all come out. If you can't think of anything, don't award the track. Simple as that.

Second thing. The comments. I can't really highlight the importance of feedback. If the track wasn't worth awarding, comment why it wasn't. Say what you didn't like but don't forget to mention what you liked. It gives the author some great feedback what to work on while making the next track. This is essential especially with starting builders, the future of this site.

And the most saddening thing about this stuff is that only few guys have something to say. As if all the words in the world stopped being. I've given comments longer than the longest award I've come across in this site. It used to be fantastic to get a long award in your track and read it all through back in the lively days of tmn(f). Now it's all about this "I liked, great work, good job". I'm sure everyone has something to say.

Change. Make it happen. Let's be awesome.;)


Well then, today's track followed the theme of the previous one. It has no screenshot, it's a multilap (1 lap, yeah :p ) and it's long. Damn long. Well, not exactly as long as the last one considering the total time, but the length of one lap is 2:15, which is a lot.

The track isn't the most flowing, it's not the best looking and it's not the funniest to drive. But it has tiny bits of all these. It's a giant road in the sky and who wouldn't love that. The start is quite nasty, it's a 100 miles long straight and a jump that has some identity problems. It thinks it should be big. But it's friend, the curve next to it disagrees on that one. You'll fly straight over the curve. But the jump doesn't care. So you had better ignore the jump's emotions and slow down before it.

Then there comes quite an immense amount of curves that start repeating themselves after a while. They all just keep saying "Turn here". All of the time. Why'd you want to do as they say? :o Be a man and go where ever you please. Ignore the limits, the social pressure and expectations and fly free....

And back to the ground, I got a bit carried away. What was I about to say? Oh, yeah. The looks of the track is actually quite cool in some places. There's this beautiful canyon part near the end. If nothing else, you should check that out. The second best fact about this track is that is has LEGO signs.(l) Love dem lego signs.=p

Well well, I've had exceptionally many things to say today, so I might start running out of them. Well, not really, I'll just leave something for the next time too. ;) Go win in life and race the track. Think about stuff. Do the usual procedures (replay and hopefully a comment/award) and my work isn't completely in vain.

It's all good guys, bye ;)

P.S. I really might want to keep bringing you these great songs=pChickenfoot - Future in the Past

P.S.S. Think about stuff.
12 comment(s).
  arzgaa writes ... 22, Nov, 2012  
I feel you man. It's much cooler to see your masterpiece of a time combined with cameras so epic that hans zimmer could compose music to it :p
  slimpikcet writes ... 22, Nov, 2012  
I think people need to add replays in their tracks too, (note my horrible username) because sometimes sitting back and watching all your hard work and effort is what i want to do after a race.
  arzgaa writes ... 10, Nov, 2012  
Whoa man :d I read your comment long as a lightyear and thought, "man, I have no time to respond this completely, I'll do it in the weekend" and you did and removed all of it? :d
Now all I can say is: "Well, it's nice to hear you saw my point " 8-|
:d all cool though=p
  SPIDER writes ... 08, Nov, 2012  
Thx man :cool:
that is correct the user know he need to work on the track "if he gets a 4 of 8 " he knows he need to work on the line in track to get a ? hmm:s Ehh:-w:cool: bigger award next time, haha=p
and if the scenery is low ratings, he also know that he put a tree in the wrong corner HAHA:d
and if his creative level is low,,^^ he really need to work on some changes in random order and just keep trying till he gets full score on creativity and so on, til he got 8 on all creteries:cool: now i see your point about give feedback haahahaha:p

edited: 10 nov 2012
  arzgaa writes ... 06, Nov, 2012  
@honG If you're not playing it's quite obvious why you're not giving awards=p But even if your english was bad, you only get better with using it ;) Writing a "long" award really doesn't take any much longer though. Max 1 min unless you're going to use 5000 letters :p But yeah, sure playing is more fun I agree on that one.:d
Well if your opinion of a track considers it as a complete, full piece of work, it's allright. Different points of view are only good and if you can say why it was good, or bad, from that point, it's brilliant even if I have written an essay about the track before you, my points might be all different. Btw, you don't forget the really fun things in a track, I'm quite sure ;) If you do, make mental notes on such parts. Something that small can take your award to a whole new level ;)
  holzzitrone writes ... 06, Nov, 2012  
well i don't write awards at all these days cause i'm not playing, but i never gived very detailed awards because:

1. my english is relatively poor:(
2. not much time and motivation to write long awards...playing is much more fun.
3. i justice tracks as a whole piece of work. so most of the times i just can say if i enjoyed or not. and if it comes to write the award, i already forgot why i enjoyed so$
  arzgaa writes ... 06, Nov, 2012  

@doppler Thanks man=p Yeah, award is always an award. But feedback is always feedback too ;)

@alcator By my own experience the feedback I've given has been rather welcome, the authors have been nice and appreciated it. The thing is, I rarely get responsed, and I have no idea if the author has even seen the comments. You shouldn't get discouraged by negative responses though, it pretty much tells you that either the guy in the receiving end doesn't give a crap and doesn't even bother to think about your feedback or in his opinion quite frankly, he disagrees on the feedback you've given and just sounds a bit offensive :p

About your tracks, I can't say yet (I'll check 'em out probably :p ) but the problem we have here is that the community is rather small (or more people make tracks and don't check others out), and so the few people who bother to get off the mainstream sometimes can't alone find all the tracks. No matter how much I focus on the latest tracks, there's no way I could keep up with them. And in all the sense of fairness, I do want to check out the Botw at times.

I see your point about the mtc, and I respect your purity point of view. I guess the allowance of the unlimiter just encourages more people to participate. But guess what, don't think you don't stand a change in it though. Go win it with a track that's not mixed at all. I really think it's still possible. ;)

@spider Well man, if a track was perfect , I doubt it'd get boring. I mean, if it did, I guess it wasn't that perfect?
That idea of yours doesn't see bad, but it has it's problems like Bucky already mentioned.
But I don't see the feedback it gives about the track itself. The rating doesn't give you a clue about what parts of the track did the downloader/awarder like, unless he mentions it in a comment or award. In which case you wouldn't even need such a rating system?
  doppler writes ... 06, Nov, 2012  
Funny blog! here's an award!:award:

Seriously though, you have a point, but i'm already glad if people just give an award. Some more feedback would be good.
  Alcator writes ... 06, Nov, 2012  
Hello there...

I used to be very open in my feedback, and it got me in all sorts of problems.

People react extremely negatively to criticism, despite the criticism being constructive (providing suggestions how something could have worked better). And since MX and TMX are "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" (unfortunately), you don't get awards without giving awards, so that's about that.

And I also have a bit of a gripe with the general approach to the game, it seems I'm part of a small minority of builders who build in a specific, "niche", style. As such, I get very few downloads and very few awards.

What's worse, things like Monthly Track Contest have become a joke -- what exactly is the point of giving builders specific limitations or "targets", when at the same time you allow them to use TM Unlimiter (blockmixing)? As a purist, I don't believe I stand a chance in MTC.

Unfortunately, the community is falling apart and despite all the technical marvels (like "Install & Play"), it's turning into yet another social network :-(
  SPIDER writes ... 06, Nov, 2012  
If someone built a perfect track "yep been there done that8-| would we ever need any other tracks? Yes
becouse even a perfect track gets boring if you only have one.

Feedback for everyone: here is the deal what i have seen. and that is why i think download should have something to do with the award system like the rating. (1 dl per user:@ MAX)

If you have more than 10 % of the download your track is better than good:p
If you have 30 download and you have 3 award, the track is good:d
If you have 30 download and you have 2 award, track is working:)
If you have 30 download and you have 1 or no award track is bad:s
if you have 200 download and 2 award the track is crap but fun for some or maybe someone click award by misstake. :'(

There you have it, the download has everything with the award to do.

And its to few users on mx to find the best tracks, mine:cool: just kidding, or did i ? ;) , hmm now i am confused:-w

WHERE WAS I Ohh caps sorry, LETS START OVER :$ again lol, anyway, where was i ,,ahh i forgot what to say sorry about that...

ohh, i just got an idea that i will post in forum (ASAP) if i remember it=p(brb) see you there ;)
done: read my idea

here is my award sign for the moment maybe i change that in the future.
If you get an award from me this is what it looks like.
:award: A :award: W :award: A :award: R :award: D :award:
  arzgaa writes ... 05, Nov, 2012  
Yeah, what's the hurry though? :d Great to hear someone's listening;)
  XT»Marti writes ... 05, Nov, 2012  
Recognise myself as the person that says 'awesome job'... :$ but I really mean it when I say that! Ah well, your right that it's much more fun to get a detailed award. But some people (like me) don't always have the time to write too much... I'll try harder, though :p
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