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Classic Missions from tmx (Escape the prison by andree)
Classic Missions from tmx (Escape the prison by an...22 Jan, 2014
 fab'm (2 comments, 1980 views)  
Escape the Prison by Andree
08 jul 2005


Since there's no mediapack the track may work with tmuf but I'm not sure about the press forward

What's the plot?
In this prison some of the best drivers and co-drivers are captured from the police. Your co-driver got in the police hands the other night after visiting a hamburger-bar. You have now found the best high security prison in the land of Sunrise
- andree -

My Review
It's hard to say something about this track, you may see the simple mediatracker and think: Is this track a classic? what's so unusual about it? It's just text... Things would be more strange due the fact this track having 104 awards ... How is that possible there's nothing special? For me f.e. I only knew about tmx in 2009 and by them we already had 2 trump card tracks, crusard was already retired with a great legacy, same thing as tamonte with tracks such venice challenge and elvenpath, far way more complex tracks than andree's track, so why this track was so important?
Well... just look at the date ^^ in 2005 trackmania still was using diapers and people were still geting used to the editor.

Trackmania sunrise only had 2 or 3 months old and nations eswc didn't existed yet... Correct me if I'm wrong but I really think this is probably the very first story track ever created... Ron turbo was a pioneer in tech, ganjarider and panis in fullspeed (stadium), Rafale in RPG and Andree in mission tracks.
Obviously you need to use your imagination quite a bit to look at the track in a diferent way, it's not like today's standards where objects really show what they were supost to be... Aside from some typos ^^ it was an inovation back in the days and deserves the recognition it had back them.. if not for the story but for the well made path even though is not the best it allows a great hunt and fun factor, the scenery may barely represent what the track was supost to be but I don't have many things to complain, I really liked this track, the stunt is awesome ^^
The main thing, the mediatracker, well it's primitive indeed and it really showed how andree was learning how to use this weird tool and we all started at this point indeed. After this track andree made 3 sequels and some other missions for tm sunrise, nations and united, having his highlight with the golden scarlet made 2 years after this track (with crusard) and it just shows how passionable andree was for this kind of tracks.

How would this track stand out nowadays?
Well... could this track have more than 100 awards? ehm.. ok, it's great, it was a good start to mission tracks but consider how the standards are nowadays? The path maybe would lead the track to get 10 awards but consider how primitive the mediatracker looks like now, it doesn't mean the mediatracker is bad but... well it's like saying how well an atari game would sell if it was released nowadays and no one knew about atari...
It's a classic indeed but would not stand out has it used to be in 2005

Creativity: 7/10 <> Mediatracker: 5/10 <> Path: 6/10 <> Scenery 5/10

Final Score 6/10 :)

(just to mention I give the last score based on my opinion as today's standards if I played this track back in the day it would be higher)

Also I want to point out I'm making these review mostly for tmx and not mx so sometimes the text may not make any sense ^^ still I hope to see some more comments in the future and sugestions as allways are welcome :)
2 comment(s).
 fab'm writes ... 13, Feb, 2014  
What I meant by saying people were knowning the editor in 2005 was basically what people used to do with mediatracker compared to nowadays, also tm had only 1 year of existence and there were so much to be found on the editor compared to how rare is nowadays to see something new ^^

Neverless it's a great track wich I had fun racing it :)
 GR. writes ... 09, Feb, 2014  
First of all great reviews you're making Kristján! It gives a good view of how things were in the old days. I tried this track in United but for me the pf start doesn't work. The car lands upside down. I also installed the original Sunrise but that doesn't run on anything higher then XP (and XP compatibility mode didn't work either). So I can't race it. :'(

But I do remember Andree ofcourse. In 2005 he was already one of the known names and most servers had his tracks. I probably also raced this track back then and the track name does ring a bell but I don't remember it well. Most tracks that I remember of Andree were wide speed tracks like Crash Test Dummies and Maximum Overdrive which were really fun and online classics. He certainly was one of the most influential builders back then. (y)

Btw I don't see 2005 as a time where people were getting to know the editor. People were already building good tracks but in the style of that time. If someone who started in 2005 would have started in 2014 he/she would have build tracks that are much closer to what is concidered as good today but in a few years will be just as oldskool. ;)

Thanks for the review and I hope to get this track working somehow!
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