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Classic Missions from tmx (introduction)
Classic Missions from tmx (introduction) 15 Jan, 2014
 fab'm (4 comments, 1079 views)  
I had this idea for some time, as you might know me (or not ^^), I'm not a fan of mainstream tech, fullspeed or "normal" tracks
I like to see someone do something diferent with the editor mostly on the mediatracker and I know how rare those tracks are and how hard are to find...
This serie of videos is not to show my skills either in mapping or racing but it's just to show great classic story tracks that come a long way since stories with text only, to massive rpgs with tons of mediatracker and fantastic hollywood effects

I go back as far to 2005 / 2006 that's where I started to find the first "diferent" tracks, consider the standards 8/9 years ago were diferent and most of these tracks wouldn't have 10 awards nowadays but in my opinion awards weren't everything, awards don't express how fun some tracks were.

The objective from these videos is to show what I believe it's for me great lost gems and great tracks that were lost as time went away, some of them may not work correctly since they were made in the old trackmania games but the objective is still the same just showing them

I will publish the video here and give it a little review of my own including the link to the page, consider the following: it's just my opinion and it may variate from people to people so be gentle :)

As I speak i'm uploading the first track that comes from tm sunrise, a great game imo and where great tracks can be found...

As allways I'm open to suggestions, if you know any great eswc or sunrise track you want to see just give me a call :) I would be happy to see tracks I missed :)

I'll present the first track on the following post so have fun :)

Oh and sorry about the quality on some videos I'm recording with fraps and the fps are a problem sometimes my pc can't handle even with a 9 year old game ^^ but I'll improve with time :)
4 comment(s).
 MrA writes ... 17, Jan, 2014  
Nice series, I do recall a 'Venice' map which I think was on TMN ESWC (but might have been TMNF), a similar kind of theme to the maps you have covered so far.

 fab'm writes ... 16, Jan, 2014  
thx MrA :)
New entry on the blog :)
 MrA writes ... 16, Jan, 2014  
Worked fine for me, edit your post see. (y)

This sounds like a great blog project!
 fab'm writes ... 15, Jan, 2014  
how do you put tags on this thing? i tried to separate by commas as it told me but still same error over and over again no matter how the commas were placed
anyway have fun reading :)
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