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Classic Missions from tmx (The Easter Track by chris_du_21)
Classic Missions from tmx (The Easter Track by chr... 21 Apr, 2014
 fab'm (2 comments, 844 views)  
The Easter Track by chris_du_21
03 apr 2010


The mod doesn't autoload anymore I know it's possible to get somewhere online, I still had it in my cache folder and I can provide it if anyone desire. Also to mention the track doesn't need mediapack

What's the plot?

It's Easter. Just keep the Easter tradition by searching and collecting all easter eggs though the village.

My Review:
I was trying to avoid repeating the authors yet because I did so few review so far but I wanted to do something related to Easter as chris_du_21 did 4 years ago.
This was one of the last chris_du_21 tracks, his creativity was getting low but his style remain the same compared as the one he did in 2006 I reviewed earlier. The concept is not the best for a story but for a track I think it's okay... It could work better on a non linear track since the objective is to search eggs, I guess it would be annoying for people who don't like path finding (me f.e. I hate that ^^).
As far as the presentation I guess it's okay... the intro is basic, again I loved the text style images chris uses so often, the mod works for the track, there's no mindblowing effects, it's just chocolate eggs being picked up but it's good enough for a fun section.
About the path, comparing this one with the other he did 4 years previously you don't notice much of a change, the track goes as a sparguetti though the area with some reuses and turns that go from pleasant to a suprise blindly turn from nowhere. It's not a main issue, he wanted to recriate a village with the path and he did that, the tradicional coast scenery is nice to look at, the mod is colorful. I think it's an average track. I can't find many things to complain but also I can't find many things that shine, f.e. great effects or a something outstanding on the path. It's an okay track I guess... I don't have much to say about the "outro" it's okay... Basically it's one of those replays with some cool cameras showing what you did and some text and presentation it's alright I guess.

How would this track stand out nowadays?
Well 23 awards for this track may be suprising for the track's standards. I'm kinda responsible for that amount since I recommended this track to be showcased in 2011 (thanks eyebo ^^), before the showcase the track only had 3 awards, a really unfair number for the work invested on it. I guess being released today would make the same effect as 4 years ago. Publicity is as important as the quality of the track. More than 15 are deserved, with better and not so long path it could go over 30 depending on the circustances.

Creativity: 7/10 <> Mediatracker: 5/10 <> Path: 5/10 <> Scenery 6/10

Final Score 6/10 :) Could be better but it's not a bad track ^^
2 comment(s).
 wormi writes ... 22, Apr, 2014  
Yeah, tags don't work at the moment. I also had the same problem. I don't know why, maybe TGYoshi can explain more :)
 fab'm writes ... 21, Apr, 2014  
is there something wrong with writting the tags?
really guys test it, everytime I do tags the site goes bezzerk and I got an error with a description enough to fill a book

Also to mention although I don't have much comments I still hope everyone enjoys reading my opinions and watch the videos :) don't forget I'm still open to suggestions
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