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Classic Missions from tmx (the christmas track by chris_du_21)
Classic Missions from tmx (the christmas track by...15 Jan, 2014
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The Christmas Track by chris_du_21
16 dec 2006


Note: this track will only work (well) on tm sunrise

What's the plot?
You're a little boy who wrote a letter to santa, but you forgot to send it, so with the help from your friend the snowman, you have to find santa and give him the letter before christmas otherwise there won't be any gifts

My review
The last track from chris_du_21 on tmsx, this is the only tm sunrise track I've awarded so far, I mean ... look how diferent things were back there, when nobody cared about locators and you had to draw the images yourself :p
I find this track to be really long for its kind, but yet the mediatracker doesn't make it feel boring, in fact the way chris draw the objects, characters using only text was stunning... something you would never see nowadays. It's clear he focused more in the mediatracker than in the track but it's something i really don't mind... it's not boring in my opinion :) ... well sometimes the pictures may be weird but c'mon ... ^^

In my opinion, even if people in tmnfx don't know who chris_du_21 was, he is for me one of the most creative and underrated minds ever in tmx, both in sunrise as in united, a really great author you should see his work in tmu (he made some stadium tracks aswell)
It's not the best work from him imo he has done what is for me the best PF ever (yes i said it) and some other great ones

How would this track stand out nowadays?
well... depends how popular chris would be on tmx... I guess this track would go over 25 awards (or should it) it would be something new and fresh that is missing here in tmx, I guess it would deserve a great recognition even with a not so good path

Creativity: 9/10 <> Mediatracker: 8/10 <> Path: 5/10 <> Scenery: 6/10

Final Score: 7/10 Awesome :)
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