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Classic Missions from tmx (The Darnassus Fall by piepie)
Classic Missions from tmx (The Darnassus Fall by p... 13 Feb, 2014
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The Darnassus Fall by piepie
29 apr 2006


This track doesn't require mediapack but the images may bug in tmf, I recomend playing it with eswc if possible

What's the plot?

You have to complete the ultimate WoW quest, to permit hord of Orcs to definetivly win the seculary battle against Alliance of human.
- piepie -

My Review:
I really don't know what to say or think about this one...
This is a really unknown author wich I assume had a short carreer in tmx (1st track in March 2006 and last one in June 2006, 25 tracks, his biggest success was this track with 52 awards back in April 2006.
It's kinda of a shame some really great authors have short carreers in tmx but their legacy remains forever and in my opinion this is a great gem in eswc that doesn't receive awards since 2010...

Ok, before speaking about the story and the mediatracker work, let's speak about the track: It's a fast track indeed, not a fullspeeder but except the underwater section you can go fast and has a great flow, not frustating, not the BEST path I would do to tell this story but it's functional I like it. The scenery is the classic 2006 style, it doesn't make you play the track blindly so I don't have much of a complain..

About the story and the mediatracker: I really don't know what to say, I've never played WoW, I don't know if it's a good recreation in trackmania or not, I just don't know if the story is well made acording to the game, I kinda like it although for me the names just seem so random... The adventure makes sense going from town to town the obstacles you face along the way, I liked the design and the way he used text to represent what's on, something common for those days you don't see so often.
Another think to point out it's the in game chat.. well if you (can) read it, it's funny but... oh man it goes so fast if you try to read it you'll crash ^^
It's a good addition the story would be understandable even without it but it just make the WoW to TMN recreation more credible ^^
This is my opinion based on a non-wow user ^^

How would this track stand out nowadays?
Well the track had 52 awards (last one received in 2010).
Would this track receive as many awards if it was released today? I don't think it would stay far away from that value. World of warcraft was as popular as it is today, same goes with trackmania being as popular today as in 2006. Not as popular but hey... people are still playing this
It would awesome to see this kind of tracks released nowadays in my opinion :)

Creativity: 9/10 <> Mediatracker: 8/10 <> Path: 7/10 <> Scenery 7/10

Final Score 8/10 :)
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