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Classic Missions from tmx (GTA Steven Seagull by tamonte)
Classic Missions from tmx (GTA Steven Seagull by t... 17 Jan, 2014
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GTA Steven Seagull by tamonte
29 oct 2007 (i got the date wrong on the video -.-)


The mediapack is still avaliable on the track's page but I don't think it will work proper on tmnf, you probably may want to open with eswc ...

What's the plot?
Your name is tamontanso (=tamonstupid in portuguese) and you have to pick up your girlfriend tamontada (she's mounted in pt) on the Lust Hotel to see the new Steven Seagal movie... Who knows what could happen meanwhile?

My review
Aside from the weird plot and the character names (yes that's what they mean in portuguese) Tamonte in my opinion is one of the mappers that tmx really misses the most, I mean.... just look at these ideas? Do I have to say anything? 3 ways to finish 3 ways to drive, 3 diferent vehicles in just one track? are you serious? not only that, the paralel path was an excelent idea, you don't have to be an expert to see the car is driving below but using that effect to make the player drive a boat even though there's no water in tmn eswc and even a freaking helicopter? how awesome is that?
Aside from the awesome creativity i have to say something about the city... It's great yes considering how limited eswc, but it's just so damn heavy... it's easy to get lost if you don't know where to go, the gps helps, yes, but it's basically trial and error to find the correct path, this is more noticeable driving the sports car...
Driving the boat is less dificult to figure out where to go... yes you have to use your imagination to see the water I know but again consider how limited the game was... only complain is how fast you have to finish once you selected the boat because... well it drowns...
Same thing with the helicopter, yes this is the highlight of the track but once your fuel gets to 0 the helicopter "falls" ^^ great effects in my opinion well executed mission, I feel it's a little bit limited but well.
Also to mention the simple outro, I like the idea how he has done a GTA style track where you see the vehicles you choosed to drive as above (same happens with the boat).. and the end it's hilarious :p
One thing i kinda miss is a mod, yes I know there's a night mod tamonte used that is unavaliable to download but yet... maybe this track is heavy enough. idk
I don't know if the ideas were original (tamonte being the first to executed them) but for sure it's a really fun experience to drive, it garantees some laughs or a smile at the very least.
Overall great experience, great ideas, great creativity the downside in my opinion is the confusing path, some glitches with the camera and the fact that after you played the entire track once and you find out what has to offer I really thing little more motivation you have to play it again since it's not really huntable... but yet as I said it's mostly for experience and it's a track I really recommend. It's not the best from tamonte but for sure it's one of the craziest.. Also to mention the files are so well made I even used one of them on one of my tracks :$

How would this track stand out nowadays?
This track has 75 awards in tm nations eswc... about having the same amount here in tmnf-x? well I feel bad to say it hardly would get that amount... yes it's a fun experience it's something new and fresh to see here in tmx... But aside from some laughs and smiles and probably a little more than 20 or 30 awards in the first 2 or 3 weeks the track would quickly be forgetable... Not because it's bad but because the standards are not what they used to be... people don't care more about mediatracker than the hunt factor... so it wouldn't stand out more than an high position on the BOTW... It's just what I see considering how tmx is nowadays and not the quality of the track

Creativity: 10/10 <> Mediatracker: 9/10 <> Path: 6/10 <> Scenery 7/10

Final Score 8/10 A fantastic experience :)
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