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Author Showcase: nickrev
Author Showcase: nickrev24 May, 2013
   eyebo.wp (4 comments, 1902 views)  

Those of you who played TMUF back in 2009/2010 will probably remember nickrev. He made some really tough, but creative, transitional tracks back then.

His creativity hasn't waned at all, and yet he's quite underrated/unknown here on MX. I believe it's time for that to change!

Back in the Canyon beta he built three tracks, Beginning², Welcome, Canyon!, and Ride The Line.

- Beginning² (Released August 17, 2011) is a fun speedtech track with great lines. Even back during the beta, he already had a good concept of how to use the blocks in creative ways. This one is a good difficulty level for online racing, and even rounds servers.

- Welcome, Canyon! (Released August 18, 2011) takes us to the next level. The track is full of calculated jumps and interesting transitions. This was an experimental step forward in Canyon track building, that unfortunately went largely unnoticed for some months.

- Ride The Line (Released August 21, 2011) is another great online-ready track. It begs for record hunters to sink their teeth into it. Consistent speed and great flow throughout ensures an enjoyable ride again and again.

One of the things I'm impressed with is that nickrev made his own custom signage for his tracks, not only as ads, but also for a unique kind of arrows. It really helps set his tracks apart.

2012 saw no tracks from nickrev. But 2013 saw the return of nickrev with his tracks Graceful Return and Concrete Complex.

- Graceful Return (Released April 29, 2013) is a transitional-tech track set in night mood and definitely worth trying out.

- Concrete Complex (Released May 7, 2013) feels like some sort of stunt race track. Technically it's a transitional speedtech track, but the creativity in it really leaves you picking up your jaw off the floor. Don't expect a clean run on your first try. A few runs and a quick view of the GPS and you'll have it down and be coming back for more.

Add nickrev to your favorite authors, and keep an eye for any future uploads. I know you won't want to miss them.

I leave you with a wallpaper nickrev made back in 2010 after the ManiaPlanet concept was introduced by Nadeo during an E3 presentation:

(Get the 3840x2160 version)

4 comment(s).
  gado writes ... 21, Jun, 2013  
I'm going to check out his maps as soon as possible! :|
  Cipher»LT writes ... 30, May, 2013  
now i'm reminded of some of the tmuf days when nickrev was around... those were scary times
  FT»Shock! writes ... 28, May, 2013  
Really great idea eyebo!(y)

Too bad I didn't buy Canyon yet...I'd really like to see what Nickrev created in TM². :)

I hope for some more Author-Showcases in the next months.;)
  stevenamtaan writes ... 24, May, 2013  
It's a shame to see such wonderful tracks sooooo under-rated... :(
They might not be to everyones taste but theres a high level of creativity thats mostly gone un-noticed.. :-w
There no doubt challenging , but , still you can finish with not too many problems as the signage is usually very well positioned and the GPS gives good pointers also.
Keep up the good work.. (y)
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