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10.000 Planets competition!09 Apr, 2012
  FT»Mandark (1 comments, 722 views) 

So this 13 minute long monster is made by Nimrod & me. We decided to make a huge competition for a huge track. So, the fastest replay which actually beats Nimrod's author time until 1 May wins 10.000 planets! And the 2nd place will get 3000 planets. For more information about the track, go to the trackpage!

Nimrod & Mandark wish you a Happy Hunting!(y)
WIN SECRET PRIZE New track of mine.26 Mar, 2012
  FT»Mandark (3 comments, 603 views) 

This is my new track ! A slow relaxing fullspeed track :)

The fastest replay until 1 april will get a secret prize.
Also, a random replay featured in the top will get another prize.
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