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Sunday, August 21, 2011 (3388 days ago)
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Hi! I'm Max and in the ManiaPlanet world also known as TheM. I live in the Netherlands and am a C# developer working in the industrial automation branch.

My TrackMania/ManiaPlanet history
TrackMania Nations ESWC, since October 2006
TrackMania United, since March 2007
TrackMania United Forever, since Beta 4, March 2008
TrackMania 2:Canyon, since Beta 1, July 2011
ShootMania:Storm, since Alpha 1, May 2012
TrackMania 2:Stadium, since February 2013
TrackMania 2:Valley, since July 2013

Currently active as
Smurfen.net, Community Manager since January 2011 (responsible for Server Management)
ManiaExchange, Knockout Host since April 2013
ManiaPlanet Forum, Global moderator since April 2013
Electronic Sports League (ESL), (Assisting) Staff Head since August 2013
ManiaExchange, Moderator since September 2013
ManiaExchange, Developer since November 2014
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