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 [miniRPG] Hunting A01

by  NoRko2007  |  88
AT   01:01.270 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  156315 
 13 January 2019 17:53:39
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Record User Score Date
 00:55.830   kuba.L 88 (100%) 16-09-20
 00:56.224  Eloni 84.48 (96%) 02-10-20
 00:56.269  Ne1ll 80.96 (92%) 18-03-19
 00:56.348  pitstop 77.44 (88%) 19-08-20
 00:56.425  Auau 73.92 (84%) 11-02-19
 00:56.879  Yogosun 70.4 (80%) 24-01-20
 00:57.633  derfuhr 66.88 (76%) 10-02-19
 00:58.128  Foiki 63.36 (72%) 15-10-19
 00:58.418  Cauvin 59.84 (68%) 01-02-19
 00:59.043  NoRko2007 56.32 (64%) 17-02-19
 01:00.628  xd.Cinimini 52.8 (60%) 30-08-20
 01:02.603  Nao484 49.28 (56%) 02-05-20
 01:13.472  nilsiro 45.76 (52%) 04-09-19
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 Author Comments
This map is a Channel Live Mini RPG Hunting Map

Hunting Cuts for advanced drivers

  • Update log: (01/23/2019)
      I up a litle bit the last checkpoint.(y)
      Now, the fastest drivers will enjoy the finish line. 8-|
  •  Embedded objects88 Objects
    Object IX? Object author
    CanyonSign.Item.gbx Harrison_rus
    C-CPsmall.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C_CheckPoint_01.Item.gbx Dag@bert & xrayjay
    C_CheckPoint_02.Item.gbx Dag@bert & xrayjay
    C-LBlue.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C-LGreen.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C-LOra.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C-LRed.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C-LYel.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C_Pip_90s.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C_Pip_Stand.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C_Pip_straight.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C-LampTower.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C-RampM.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C-RPil4.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C-Left.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C-Right.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C-Steep.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C-GCone.Item.gbx xrayjay
    C_zyx_032.Item.gbx Dag@bert
    C_zyx_033.Item.gbx Dag@bert
    C_zyx_035.Item.gbx Dag@bert
    C_zyx_037.Item.gbx Dag@bert
    C_zyx_039.Item.gbx Dag@bert
    C_zyx_044.Item.gbx Dag@bert
    C_zyx_045.Item.gbx Dag@bert
    C_zyx_046.Item.gbx Dag@bert
    cWalkTurn16.Item.Gbx norko2007
    Walk64.Item.Gbx norko2007
    uFlatC4x4.Item.Gbx norko2007
    vFatC8x8.Item.Gbx norko2007
    wFlatC16x16.Item.Gbx norko2007
    tFlatGrass64x64.Item.Gbx norko2007
    uFlat4x4.Item.Gbx norko2007
    vFat8x8.Item.Gbx norko2007
    wFlat16x16.Item.Gbx norko2007
    aFlatWood4x4.Item.Gbx norko2007
    bFlatWood8x8.Item.Gbx norko2007
    cFlatWood16x16.Item.Gbx norko2007
    zStoneBig.Item.Gbx norko2007
    zStoneSmall.Item.Gbx norko2007
    10-3-4.Item.Gbx norko2007
    10-3-5.Item.Gbx norko2007
    2-1-3-yUtil.Item.Gbx norko2007
    2-1-3-z.Item.Gbx norko2007
    2-2-3.Item.Gbx norko2007
    2-5-2.Item.Gbx norko2007
    3-1-1.Item.Gbx norko2007
    3-1-3.Item.Gbx norko2007
    3-4-1a.Item.Gbx norko2007
    3-8-4.Item.Gbx norko2007
    3-9-1.Item.Gbx norko2007
    3-9-2.Item.Gbx norko2007
    3-9-3.Item.Gbx norko2007
    2-3-1-dRamp2.Item.Gbx norko2007
    2-3-1-eTurn-16.Item.Gbx norko2007
    eMgnet16Util.Item.Gbx norko2007
    aStart.Item.Gbx norko2007
    CP.Item.Gbx norko2007
    tSignal1.Item.Gbx norko2007
    uExit.Item.Gbx norko2007
    uNoTrespassing.Item.Gbx norko2007
    UseAtYourRisk.Item.Gbx norko2007
    zArrow.Item.Gbx norko2007
    MiniTurbo1.Item.Gbx norko2007
    aFence64x16.Item.Gbx norko2007
    cFence8x3.Item.Gbx norko2007
    yWires2.Item.Gbx norko2007
    zRing16.Item.Gbx norko2007
    aUtilJump64x64.Item.Gbx norko2007
    bRamp44x16x8.Item.Gbx norko2007
    PlfrmJumpX1.Item.Gbx norko2007
    PlfrmJumpX2.Item.Gbx norko2007
    RoadJump31x11x4.Item.Gbx norko2007
    Road32Turn.Item.Gbx norko2007
    Road64Straight.Item.Gbx norko2007
    baUtil_4x4x4.Item.Gbx norko2007
    bUtil_32x16x4TRI.Item.Gbx norko2007
    bUtil_4x4x2TRI.Item.Gbx norko2007
    sUtil_16x16x4.Item .Gbx norko2007
    uUtil_64x32x4.Item.Gbx norko2007
    vUtil_64x16x4.Item.Gbx norko2007
    wUtil_64x8x4.Item.Gbx norko2007
    xUtil_32x8x4.Item.Gbx norko2007
    yUtil_16x8x4.Item.Gbx norko2007
    zUtil_8x4x2.Item.Gbx norko2007
    zzzRFRlogo16.Item.Gbx norko2007
    zzzRFRlogo8.Item.Gbx norko2007
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