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Name : Beautiful Venice
Author :
Author Time : 31:19.717
Track ID : 56835 
Environment : Stadium / StadiumCar
Style / Diff. : RPG / Advanced
Track Value :  0
Version : 26 July 2017 08:35:26
Status : Hidden (by Author)
Release Status : Released 
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : RPG Mod : Venice%20ModGR
Uploaded : 13 January 2014 20:56:05 Map Type : Race
Mood : Sunrise Routes : Single
Length : Long Ghostblocks :
Disp. Cost : 10222 Laps : (none)
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 Author Comments
Hello RPG-lovers

I proudly present you my new trackmania² stadium map called "Beautiful Venice"
First of all, there are no many custom objects, because i started building before the release of these custom blocks
It`s begin with a simple route and then there are multi routes. After you finished the multi routes, you get to a simple route again to drive to the finish. I`m sorry that i can`t make the mediatracker ingame optimal for this map, but if you can read english, then this map won`t be a problem for you :)
I am happy that Nadeo updated the mediatracker at mp3.0. Now it should work for a clear run
Now the trackdetails:

-Intro: :done:
-Ingame: :done:

-Custom music: :done:
-Custom mod :done:
-Password sercured :done:
-Shadow calculation:done:
-Environment: sunrise
Author comment for this track:
Come and visit Venice. You want to see the most beautiful places here.
But you lost yourself....

-Author Medal
00 : 31 : 07:91
-Gold Medal
00: 48 : 28:12
-Silver Medal
01: 23 : 25:59
-Bronze Medal
02: 45 : 42:11

------- All things are located -----

here is the download link in browser:

Venice Mod Install this as usual tm² installation directionary: C:\Users\"YourName"\Documents\maniaplanet\Skins\Stadium\Mod
If the directionary doesn't exist create this one

Beautiful Venice ThemeInstall this as usual tm² installation directionary:

Mediatracker Sound:
MediatrackerSoundpackage Install this as usual tm² installation dircetionary:
If the directionary doesn't exist create this one

Mediatracker Images:
Mediatracker Imagepackage Install this as usual tm² installation dircetionary:
If the directionary doesn't exist create this one

This is a Venice theme and you are a visitor to see all the beautiful sights, a guide help you anyway in this confusing area.
Then you lost your guide...

This map has pathfinding.
Misscheckpoint should be not happened anyway, except you ignore the mediatracker :)

I wish you much fun and if there are any problems with this map regarding about locator, installation, cuts and misscheckpoints, please write a pm @ gugaruz

good luck and have fun!


Update: 14.01.2014

+Media\Musics\Beautiful Venice Theme.mux

the other things seem not important

First of all thank you all for your opinion and feedback on the servers and the many tries to do this rpg!

Changelog 29.03.16:

+misscp fix at rialto bridge to jump down
+misscp fix at rialto bridge to drive outside of the map (just with bad mt)
+misscp fix at barsilica going over false wall
+mediatracker update (mp 3.0 and upper compatible)
+little routehelper and improvements especially at top of barsilica
-background music update with "Prinz Eugen March" as a wish i just have the mux file
+piazza san marco with realized idea piazza place builded
+market place locator
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