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 Tunnels & Drifts but twist

by  Roche |  72 |  887
ID  1009 
 2021-07-04 09:02:00 |  2021-11-14 12:34:23
Ever wondered how a map would turn out if you just changed a little something on it ? Then this is the mappack for you!
Every map here is a twist on the TM2 Canyon "Tunnels & Drifts" map.

These maps where submitted at the rate of 1/week to the Smurf Canyon Testevening, and some of them even made it into competitions. I'm now making them every now and them when i have an idea and feel like it.
This should still be a consequent map database of stupid ideas, to the point where most of the twists you can think of are probably already in here (: ( if not, feel free to send me more ideas ;) )

Are you ready to (re)discover how it feels to drive it with all the different twists ?

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