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 Tunnels & Drifts but twist

by  Roche |  82 |  887
ID  1009 
Ever wondered how a map would turn out if you just changed a little something on it ? Then this is the mappack for you!
Every map here is a twist on the TM2 Canyon "Tunnels & Drifts" map.

These maps where submitted at the rate of 1/week to the Smurf Canyon Testevening, and some of them even made it into competitions. I'm now making them every now and them when i have an idea and feel like it.
This should still be a consequent map database of stupid ideas, to the point where most of the twists you can think of are probably already in here (: ( if not, feel free to send me more ideas ;) )
You can also do your own remix, pm me about it and i'll add it to the pack

Are you ready to (re)discover how it feels to drive it with all the different twists ?

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