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 World of Motorsport 3

by   WRAITH |  54 |  0
  Race Mixed Scenery    
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 2021-12-24 18:18:05 |  2022-01-15 18:56:06
World of Motorsport 3

This map pack started its life has World of Motorsport 3 title pack, but over time things went dead, covid came into our life, plans where changed, title pack got pushed to one side like other projects ! but i feel the maps should be shared at least the way they are now.

Sadly some of the maps can not be shared due to custom textures "paid for items" yes i spent real money buying 3D models, landscape, buildings, f1 GP, at the time TMarc was doing all the texture work and importing them for the title pack, we had made custom textures to work with custom signs.

For now the World of Motorsport 3 title pack is dead and can not see a future where it will be released anytime soon "sorry"

Events in this map pack !
Rallying with Co Driver voices "english" on screen arrows.
Rallycross with real joker lap, you will be forced to take 1 joker lap if not its race over ! "note these maps i have to update before uploading due to using custom textures maps will come later on.
Touring Cars maps are like the GP tracks.
Extreme offroad big landscapes. these maps need a texture update bit like the Rallycross ones.

Help came from MMD Group Scavfan, pj059, leo, Nibor, Larentz from beta testing to feedback.

Over next few days i be upload the maps, some come with intro, outros etc but some will not, has this is not a finished title pack, please respect this working map pack.

PLEASE READ This link when racing the Rallycross maps

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