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Location: Home  Mappacks  ABC Map Collection 
Mappack Info Report mappack
Name: ABC Map Collection
Creator:    Mr. Nordplay
Managers: (none)
ID: 126 
Created / Edited: 03 June 2019 07:52:57 / 03 June 2019 07:52:57
TP / Environment: TMCanyon / Canyon
Type: Campaign
Style: Mixed
Tracklist Released: Yes
Creating a Map pack for maps i will in future release. These maps are below 45 sec and mainly maps that isnt 45sec+
The diffeculty on these maps are mixed.
I have no current nr of how many maps per "A,B,C + +" i will create, but that will be atleast 8 + maps per...
I hope you will enjoy the collection. And if there is cuts, issues with the maps. Please inform me:)
Have a great day and good luck playing
Track List 2 tracks
ID Name Author Envir. Vehicle Mood Value Aw. Record Etc
1   A1 | Desert    Mr. Nordplay Canyon CanyonCar Day  16  2  00:35.718   
2   A2 | Tagents    Mr. Nordplay Canyon CanyonCar Sunset  13  2  00:35.658   
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