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 [RPG] Wounder 2

by   basbaas»LT  |  14
AT   14:12.467 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Lunatic 
ID  221399 
 04 September 2021 15:41:57
 Visible (approved) |  Released    2021-09-01T18:00:00.0000000 
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1st   10:59.793  Morhpeo 14 (100%) 09-09-21
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 Author Comments
Welcome adventurers! :cool:

I am very excited to finally be able to present to you my biggest creation on Trackmania yet. Some of you may know my most famous map, Wounder, released in 2013. Back then, my goal was to create a map that was something completely refreshing and seemlingly out of the bounds of what people thought was possible within Trackmania. Funnily enough, this goal hasn't changed while building Wounder 2, eight years later. Coming back to Trackmania and especially the TM2 RPG community the last half year has been a huge blessing. I was really blown away with all the positivity that came from the TM2 RPG community. So much, that I was asked to join the RPG clan "Milky Way", and created some great new friendships! I also started streaming again building this map basically from start to finish, having spent around 150 hours building this project. I want to thank everyone from the RPG community and viewers from my stream, I seriously would not have found the motivation without you guys. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Wounder 1 you were trying to find your way through mysterious abandoned tombs and waterfalls. This time, the scenery hasn't changed. What has changed, is the weird spiritual atmosphere that has risen throughout the map.. While exploring this map, you slowly start to become overwhelmed by this feeling of.. magic? It is your task to figure out a way through this seemlingy spiritual forest. There might be a way to use strange & mysterious things to your advantage.

Difficulty (warning)
This map has lunatic level pathfinding.
The driving itself I would consider advanced.

  • For the starting area, there are hints if you look close enough.
  • You may only pass the altar if you have found 3 certain items, in 3 seperate routes/areas. It will be very clear (with mt) once you've found an item.
  • This map really tests your pathfinding ability. Try to really discover the full area around you at all times because some routes are very well hidden.
  • You can take any order of items at the start you want. Missing a CP is impossible.

    Nightcup Competition
    This map will be played for RPG Nightcup #25, the 11th of september 2021. This is also the first edition I will be hosting myself, it being played on my own map is a mere coincidence. I definitely want to make the RPG community on TM2 more vivid, so expect many more editions in the future! (I already have at leasst 2 nightcups after this planned already :cool: )
    Join RPG Nightcup server.

    Easter Egg competition
    There is a lengthy easter egg for this map. The easter egg consists of multiple steps, and it's so hard, I don't even know if people will be able to find it within the first weeks but I hope to be proven wrong!

    • Instruction: Send a screen of the finished easter egg on the server to basbaas#1768 on discord.
    • Prize: Autoqualification for RPG nightcup #25, and lots of bragging rights.
    • Easter egg Status: Completed by Hazard!

    :heart: Thank you list :heart:
    There are so many people that supported me throughout the journey of building this map. I'm probably missing a lot of names, but thank you all so much. (l)
  • Tuta, for making some amazing screenshots for this map. Link to full Screenshot Gallery.
  • All of the RPG guys for testing, especially Sheeps, Morhpeo, Hazard, Harpyi, Ludo, Loght, Fate, Raistlin, Mr. Muh, and the rest! (l)
  • Chocolleight, for being a big inspiration, and trusting me with continuing the nightcup legacy.
  • All the people from my stream! Naxanria, Meow, Scorpi, Edge, rngeekerd, Mapriex, Bokomon and everyone else! (l)
  • Astro, for helping with the nightcup plugin and all that stuff.

  • 09/04/2021: Added alternative faster way which doesn't require using the no steer block on cp 26.

    Enjoy and have fun!
  •  Embedded objects13 Objects
    Object IX? Object author
    large_rock1_blackgreen.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
    large_rock1_grass.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
    large_rock1_grey.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
    large_rock2_blackgreen.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
    large_rock3_grass.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
    magnet_smal_curve_extended.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
    w30-magnetmetalplatformbasic_08_wide.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
    w90-magnetmetalplatformbasic_06_wide.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
    finish_big_trigger.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
    wounderbigramp.Item.Gbx bas_ekkelenkamp
    basbas.Item.gbx skyslide
    EntranceBlocked_N.Item.gbx Skyslide
    EntranceBlocked_Y.Item.gbx Skyslide
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