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Registration Instructions
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Registration Instructions 17 August 2011 07:01:39  
Hello and welcome to Mania Exchange! :cool:

Registration Instructions
1) Visit the Mania Exchange Accounts Portal.
2) Register an account. Check email (including junk) to activate your account.
3) You may now log into any site within the Mania Exchange network.

Username VS Display Name
Your username is the name of your Mania Exchange Account which you use to access any site within the Mania Exchange network (this cannot be changed once registered). Your Display Name is the customisable option which affects how your name looks on the site.
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Deep fried
Location: AU
07 October 2011 08:21:17  
You must now connect your ManiaPlanet account with your Mania Exchange account in order to access certain features. (Follow the link in the red error box. ;))

1) Login to MX Accounts Portal
2) Click 'Connect Now' (accept certificate if asked)
3) Enter your ManiaPlanet (TM2 Canyon) login
Note: This is a NADEO page, Mania Exchange will never know your details.
4) Click to allow access for the permission request

Your Mania Exchange Portal account will now show as being associated with your Mania Planet login.
You may then return here and continue as before.

- Ensure you're logged into the Accounts Portal, then hit the link again*.
- If still not working, file a bug in the bug forum.

* Site bar > Portal (hover) > 'MX Accounts'.
Deep fried
Location: AU
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