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BotM Fullspeed Cups by ESL - December
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BotM December 25 January 2015 21:09:20  

Last one boys and girls!

"* Winter-Hunt #3 by   Phoenix.
"Pink Fluffy Winterland by   spX Seven
"Million $ Dreams, Thousand $ Nightmares. by   AR »DrHugs.
"Jump The F@#* UP!! by   McBong
"Message To Bear by   Careless Archie

Register deadline: Saturday, 31st January 2015 at 19:00 CET
Cup start: Saturday, 31st January 2015 at 20:00 CET

The rankings of the Time Attack will be calculated with Xaseco ranks
The best 4 players will advance to the Final
Each finalist will pick a map from the pool (at least 3 maps has to be chosen so two players may pick the same map)
The final uses cup mode, point limit: 80, 3 rounds per map, rankings: 10/6/4/3, 1 warmup

The cup server will be password-protected. E-mails will be sent to the contestants with the password after registration deadline.

Cup portal:

You can play the tracks on the cup server, hosted by
No password at the moment, free to train for everyone :)

See you at the cup :cool:

Last edited by Kem, 25 January 2015 21:09:35
Learner Driver
Location: LT
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