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CHALLENGE OF DARKNESS 18 April 2014 12:09:00  
Hi guys, :cool:

:done: VIDEO :

Download this map: "Challenge of Darkness" by "carl-johnson":
Send me your replay, there are planets to win for the initial 21 top.
Your replays will be used to make a video : Champions stadium ².
Only one map, suitable for any type of expert players: Road & Dirt.
Who will be the best driver Stadium² "all environements" convened on a single map !
Rules and ranking:
July 4th 2014 last deadline.

:award: Top 1: 3 000 planets & Tag
:silver: Top 2: 2 000 planets
:bronze: Top 3: 1 000 planets
:wait: Top 4 at top 21: 200 planets

:done: Send your replay to :
To find your replay easily in your folder : Document/maniaplanet/Replays.
(Your name)_TMStadium_$o$s$000Ch$333al$666le$999ng$CCCe of Da$888rk$444ne$000ss.Replay

A single expert map, all environments, 3 months to make a top.
Only replays sent are accounted for classification, and a video with replays and results is made.
Golden Tag "The best pilot on Tm² Stadium" for the winner and planets for the first 21 tops.
Event without registration. Anyone can participate and finish the map. For that :
-Must be maintained from start to finish accelerator.
-Drift on the road does not need to be triggered, the drifts are automatic.
-You do not need to stabilize the car during jumps.
-There has to follow the only possible trajectory to reach the finish.
On this map, you have 6 coffee breaks, to relax. Find all along the paths, mini challenges await you.
You can stop each challenge of these coffee breaks standing out by where you are arriving.
GPS (back for GPS) shows the way forward for coffee breaks.
6 coffee breaks are here to help you relax, and are not subject to replay sends.
You only need to send me the replay run "Challenge of Darkness" (wait for GPS).

:p Gl and hf. :|

Last edited by carl-johnson, 18 April 2014 12:12:04
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
02 June 2014 13:34:58  
:cool: You still have a month to do this challenge. :cool:
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
29 June 2014 01:18:01  
;) July 4th deadline for send replays:cool:
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
19 July 2014 11:59:12  
:cool: Hi guys,
I'm happy to propose you watching the video of results "Challenge of Darkness" ;)

Thanks for watching ;)
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
05 September 2014 19:29:53  
Next Challenge comming soon...
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
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