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Weekly Battle TM2 [Close]
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Weekly Battle TM2 [Close] 05 January 2015 17:35:35  
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Welcome Everybody !------------------------------------------------------------

-------------------Did you show everything you can do in Trackmania 2 ? If not, now it's your time !--------------------
----------------------------------The Weekly Battle is here to show all kind of track who are-------------------------------
-----------------------------------------------choose randomly on the MX Site.--------------------------------------------------

How it will work :

The Maps will be available the Saturday of each week. The maps can be any kind of category ( if a TitlePack is needed, there will be a note who told it ). The maps will be choose randomly on the MX site so nobody can have a idea of the next maps. After that point, you have one week to do the best time you can do. When all the replay are ready, a VOD of the Battles will be publish. The results will be at the end of the video and on a Google Sheet.

How send your replay :

Really simple ! Send it to the e-mail, write your nickname, login, and put your replay.

Leaderboard :

Here is the point according to place you finish : 1st 10pt, 2nd 9pt, 3rd 8pt,.........,10th 1pt. Your point will be add to your current amount of points.

Rules :

- If you cheat, you will be ban from the cup.
- If you take replay who are already publish on MX, you will be ban.
- You can only send 1 replay, be sure to send the right one.

Links :

All the information, map pack, and Google Sheet will be publish on the Facebook page

Where the video will be publish :

Hope you guys will enjoy that ! It's here to show all kind of maps players can build.
Last edited by Eternity, 13 January 2015 23:10:16
Trying Unique Idea
Location: CA
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