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Ten Block Builders
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Ten Block Builders 08 June 2016 17:09:06  
Hello everyone!:)

I've got a project idea I'd like to try out. The idea is very simple: one person adds ten blocks to a map, then someone else takes the map and adds ten blocks, and so on and so forth until we have a complete course. Feel free to join in, the more the merrier! I'll start this one off in Stadium, since it's the most popular environment. If you want to participate, here's the rules.:build:

  • One person at a time! Make a post stating that you are the one modifying the previous builder's map so that we don't end up with multiple people submitting their own versions!

  • Share your version! When you are finished modifying the map, post it on a file sharing site for the next person to use! I recommend Dropbox, since it's easy to use and free to use.

  • Share your replay! This isn't required, but you might save a quick run of the map with your additions so the next builder knows how you want your section to be taken.

  • Make a new post to share the link! This is preferred over editing old posts, as it will be easier to see when the current builder has finished.

  • Be timely! You will have 24 hours after claiming the next ten pieces to build your section. If 24 hours pass, someone else is allowed to claim your spot.

  • Claim in advance! You can announce that you are claiming the spot after the person currently modifying the map, but you cannot claim a build spot beyond that. If you claim in advance, your 24 hour period to build will begin when the current builder posts their finished section or if they run out of time.

  • Do it again! You can build multiple times, but you are not allowed to do so twice in a row. Let someone else build off of you first!

  • Add ten blocks exactly! You must add ten blocks, no more and no less! Remember, you don't have to add to the route with all ten blocks; using some (or all) of your pieces for scenery is just as valid!

  • No deleting! You may never delete blocks that the map you are modifying came with!

  • No invalidating! You cannot add anything that would cause the map to be invalid. This includes things like a second start, a second podium, or a checkpoint floating off in an unreasonable location.

  • Free terraforming! Terraforming of any kind is free, as long as it does not delete blocks! If you replace the deleted blocks to their exact position after terraforming, then it is fine.

  • Free block skinning! If you want to change a sign, colour an inflatable, or otherwise reskin a piece, you may do so for free, as long as it is one of the blocks you are adding.

  • Free piece merging! You are always allowed to connect or disconnect adjacent pieces, as long as at least one of them is one you are placing.

  • Free mood changing! Holding control and clicking edit lets you set the mood. If you want to change it, go ahead!

  • Free screenshot editing! If you want to change the default track thumbnail, you may do so for free!

  • No password editing! How can the next person add their blocks if they can't open the map?

  • No comments editing! Let's keep it quick and informative.

  • No title editing! The title should remain as it is. If you guys have a better idea for a title, suggest it with a post. We can decide on a fitting title together!

  • Default Stadium titlepack only! We want this to be playable without the need to download a titlepack.

  • No custom content! Whether it be signs, objects, or even a texture pack, you may not use anything other than the default game content!

  • No mediatracker! I'll be doing some simple stuff with it when everything is finished up.

  • Experimental features are allowed! Feel free to use Mix and Air Mapping! I guess you could use Item Embedding too, but there's no point since custom content is not allowed.

  • Tell us if you finish the map! If the map is at least 30 seconds in length, you can add a finish line and say that this is the final version. If you add a finish line, the length is 30 seconds or more, and you do not say that it is the final version, then more builders are allowed to build until someone states that the map is final. If you have claimed in advance, you may still build your section even if the person before you stated the build as final as long as you do not cause the map to be invalid.

  • I'll finish up the map. Once the final version is made, I'll put some finishing touches on it. I won't touch the map itself; I'll just make sure it has a decent author time, ultra quality shadows, a GPS sequence, and a basic outro that states who made the route the car is currently on. Once that is done, I'll post the complete final version here on MX!

  • SPECIAL CASE: 9-2-1 "Inflatables" are counted as the longest side. For example, a 5 X 7 inflatable counts as 7 blocks, which is the same as a 7 X 2 or 7 X 7. The height does not matter; the piece can be as tall or as short as you want.

  • Items: Stadium does not have any default items. If any of you want to start a project like this on another environment/titlepack that does have items, I would say that each item counts as one block.

I'll probably be relatively lax on the rules, but I would appreciate it if everybody followed them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
MTC Host
Location: US
08 June 2016 17:09:56  
Let's get started, shall we? I've added a basic dirt start and a little scenery with my ten blocks. There's also a bit of terraforming going on, but not much.

Here's the current map:
Here's the optional replay:

Who wants to take the helm next? :cool:
MTC Host
Location: US
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