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MTC June 2017: Two Sided
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30 June 2017 02:44:58  
pjw says:
I won't be able to take care of voting until the night of the 30th--is that too late? I'm not sure if "Public voting will go from June 26th to June 30th" means that the 30th is included or not...

It includes the 30th:done:
Quad Bike Racer
Location: US
30 June 2017 05:24:12  
Linkin | Alex says:
It includes the 30th:done:

Thank you!

Edit: Your nick seems to break the quote tags. That's unfortunate.
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Track Slacker
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30 June 2017 05:25:27  
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
30 June 2017 22:38:15  
I've gotten feedback from few people that won't be able to vote until this weekend because of computer and other issues, so I'm going to extend the voting until this Sunday, July 2nd, so the final results will then be out around the 3rd. I'll still start the next MTC tomorrow.
Quad Bike Racer
Location: US
01 July 2017 04:17:41  
Thanks for the heads up!
Track Slacker
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02 July 2017 04:08:53  
Voted! :done:
Track Slacker
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02 July 2017 04:38:36  
pjw says:

Thank you!

Edit: Your nick seems to break the quote tags. That's unfortunate.

Nice catch pjw, and it happens that my clan tag was also updated to use a | instead, so it works out.

edit: ups, I accidentally edited you message when I thought I was quoting it, sorry. I think I fixed it back to what it was before.
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Quad Bike Racer
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03 July 2017 21:18:19  

So all the results are in - it turned out to be very close contest for first, second and third, some even by only a 0.1 point difference!

:gold: Congratulations to   Podel for winning with Valerian! :gold:

  • very good track/route, creative implementation of the rule, very good use of magnets - Ozon
  • very creative, mostly used everything that stadium tech has to offer, many cool ideas like the magnet roads/blocks, blimps and some jumps, respawn way at the big jump using a magnet block - Lars
  • An excellent variety and use of the different block types, including that the magnetic blocks are mixed in well (and are used well on their own) to the rest of the track and not just made into a single run-on section. - Alex

    :silver: Congrats to   Madziour for Private Island! :silver:

  • cool ideas, re-uses at very different times - Lars
  • The first CP is very clever, and perhaps the most clever reuse of this month MTC imo. - ranig
  • Some very clever design here, interesting transitions, great scenery, and a lot of bits that feel really good when you hit them right. - pjw

    :bronze: And congrats to   Arkive for Going Nowhere Fast! :bronze:

  • My favorite map so far - a lot of attention to detail - well balanced track - has intro and great outro cams - Ozon
  • I find the Valley car on Lagoon environment works very well. The map itself is very well laid out, the reuses are overall nicely done. Enough signs to make the way clear, I enjoyed the map quite a bit. - ranig
  • Excellent track! Easy to learn, but with lots of things to refine and little ways to shave off time. Good GPS and cool replay cams. Some very nice transitions too--I like the trip through the buildings. - pjw

    Podel, Madziour, and Arkive then receive one front page track showcase of their choice (having less than 10 awards)

    Find the full results and feedback here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y247bb8armHjoAFgBA16UUGvCDciLd7Y2zqVIWY5Ewo

    If someone did not own that particular environment for judging, I felt like that their score for the track should be removed to be fair to those who did try the track (would not have changed the outcome here either way).
    In terms of scoring, a 50 is a 'standard' track, and scoring is relative to other tracks submitted, and also relative to what was felt to be possible.

    Thanks to all 16 participants this month for joining in the contest, thanks to those who publicly voted and gave their feedback, and thanks to Ozon and Lars for helping me with the internal judging!
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  • Quad Bike Racer
    Location: US
    03 July 2017 22:19:56  
    Congrats to Podel, Madziour, and Arkive for the podium and everyone else who was happy with what they've build.
    Thanks to all the judges, aswell! (y)

    Happy with the comments and feedback i got. Seemed to have succeeded in building just-another-standard FS track.:cool:
    Moped Racer
    04 July 2017 00:54:35  
    Thanks guys gg(y)
    G-kart Racer
    Location: GB
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