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Location: Home  Community Forums  Competitions  TSF - Thematical Scenery Fest May/June 2018 - Horror Show 
TSF - Thematical Scenery Fest May/June 2018 - Horror Show
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TSF - Thematical Scenery Fest May/June 2018 - Horror Show 05 May 2018 17:45:03  

The Thematical Scenery Fests (TSF) are Media Tracker competitions with themes crated by , where the winner will be the one who has integrated the best ambience and the best MediaTracker (corresponding to the theme of course) in his map.
This is no reason to neglect the quality of the map ... i know you -.-:|

For this first edition the theme is Horror Show , You must make a map where the universe of this one revolves around horror like a dark universe, oppressive with terrifying sounds (maybe monster you never know) . I want to be afraid xD .

You can recommend me themes in this forum too ;)

Rules :

General rules :

  • Use the tag TSF to mark the track as a part of the competition.
  • All ManiaPlanet Environments and Styles are allowed
  • Envimixing is allowed
  • Custom Titlepacks are now allowed
  • Custom Objects are allowed
  • Oversized base maps are allowed
  • Minimum length is 15 seconds
  • You must use the Media Tracker -.-
  • Mods are allowed
  • Using already exisiting maps is not allowed

    Other information :

  • Deadline is 18th of June 2018
  • Don't update you map after the deadline
  • To submit your map, post it in this forum thread
  • Judging system: Open; Categories are Creativity (15p), Fun (15p), Flow (10p), Scenery (30p), MediaTracker (30p)/100p . You can vote from 16th to 21st of June ;)
  • You may submit one track maximum
  • Duo tracks are allowed; but each map counts as one track for each author involved

    Prices :

    8,500 Planets !

    1st :gold: 5,000 Planets
    2nd:silver: 2500 Planets
    3rd:bronze: 1000 Planets

    If anyone want to be a judge and want to help me , write me pm on mx or on Discord akilehad#7663 .(y)

    Judges atm :

    ... And don't forget to live the fun of the game

    Special thanks to :

    aki :wait:

    Last edited by, 30 May 2018 12:39:15
  • Professional Beginner
    Location: FR
    06 May 2018 08:45:32  

    Submitted tracks :

    Professional Beginner
    Location: FR
    14 May 2018 20:24:45  

    banning titlepacks is a huge handicap and a decrease in quality.

    I thought this should be something serious and not just some try outs.

    Here are 3 points why i have to defend titlepacks for this contest:

    - Sound storage
    - model storage with custom textures
    - skins

    Titlepacks are the best way to create some serious MT and mapping work.

    Please think about it again. It would also be ok if you say that they have to link a direct download to the titlepack if they make a map with one.

    Last edited by MCYCShadow, 14 May 2018 20:25:14
    Learner Driver
    Location: DE
    15 May 2018 18:22:11  
    New rules : the custom titlepacks are now allowed ;)
    Professional Beginner
    Location: FR
    30 May 2018 12:42:28  
    Re ManiaExchange
    i'll add awards for winner(y)
    New cashprizes : 8.500 Planets to win for those who have made the best mediatracker:p
    Professional Beginner
    Location: FR
    11 June 2018 10:07:56  
    REMINDER : Only a week left before the competition ends !!(y):'((brb):$:p
    Professional Beginner
    Location: FR
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