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The Professional Community Server! 580.000 planets prize pool!
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The Professional Community Server! 580.000 planets prize pool! 11 June 2018 14:10:15  
Heyo everyone!

Over the past week, we at Team Professionals have been working on a new project and are now happy to finally announce it:

In a small team together with other members from the TM community, we have set a goal to launch a new casual TM²Stadium server for the community to play on! A pool of over 200 proper huntable maps of all types, a clean controller (PyPlanet) and a team of motivated and active moderators - that's what we've been focusing on.

The Professional Community Server will open its gates today, 11th June 15:00 CEST!

Our server link:

So what about all these planets?
To spice things up a bit, we have decided to launch a small (huge) hunt competition with a prize pool of 580.000 planets! From 11th June 15:00 CEST until 11th July (23:59 CEST) your goal will be to collect as many world records & top 3 local records as possible!

The top 10 (judged by /topsums) will be rewarded with:
#1  - 180.000 planets

#2 - 140.000 planets
#3 - 100.000 planets
#4 - 60.000 planets
#5 - 40.000 planets
#6 - 25.000 planets
#7 - 15.000 planets
#8 - 10.000 planets
#9 - 6.500 planets
#10 - 3.500 planets

The competition in detail:
  • The hunt competition will start on monday 11th june at 15:00 CEST and last until wednesday 11th july 23:59 CEST.
  • Goal: Collect as many top 3 local records as possible!
  • Top ranks can be found by using `/topsums` ingame. Winners will be the top 10 with the most top 3 local records (judged by /topsums).
  • Prize pool: 580.000 planets (distribution mentioned above)
  • During the competition, restart/skip votes will be disabled to give everyone a fair chance to check out all maps.
  • No maps will be added/deleted during the competition. Map submissions will be opened again on thursday 12th july.

    About maps:
    As already mentioned, the initial map pool will consist of ~200 maps for now, but once things are settled and locals start to be set, we will expand the pool! If you want any specific maps to be added, head over to the Team Professionals Discord - we've created a section for you to submit and discuss maps!

    Happy hunting!

    Team Professionals
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  • Learner Driver
    Location: DE
    12 July 2018 13:53:14  
    Heyo everyone!

    Yesterday, our hunt competition on The Professional Community Server has been concluded! Congratulations to the top 10:

    #1   RotakeR
    #2 Dog
    #3 Trasher
    #4   DexteR771
    #5   Kronos
    #6   Craph125
    #7 Vorty
    #8   spammiej
    #9   riolu!
    #10   Erizel - .brutal

    Planet payouts will happen during the next two weeks, but hopefully as fast as possible! Winners will receive a message from   Taxon , either ingame or on discord. Incase you won planets but haven't received yours within the next two weeks from now, please contact   Taxon on discord.

    Furthermore, about the future of the server: We have been monitoring the activity on the server over the past month and sadly it didn't live up to our expectations. Resulting in that, we decided to close the server again, handing it back to the original host being juvo.

    Thank you again everyone for participating and playing on the server!

    - Team Professionals on Discord:
    - Team Professionals on Facebook:

    Team Professionals
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    Learner Driver
    Location: DE
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