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Fun “ SpeedTech „ & More - "Community" Server
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Fun “ SpeedTech „ & More - "Community" Server 12 June 2018 07:33:50  
Si vous parlez uniquement français, rassurez-vous, vous trouverez un lien en français plus bas.*

A little intro : Only recently did i decide to buy TM². First Stadium then all of them. I played only a little TMNF a while ago (10+ years).
I'm not a big player nor a good one but i liked the game enough to recently decide to start a server. At first it was to put my maps playable online and to add maps i really like. The thing is, i only did 2 maps so far and i didn't add any new map since the opening of the server. I just updated the latest a few times. Which lead us to the project.

The project : I want to do what i did for my maps to anyone that want to see their maps playable online. And in a more general manner, i want to allow anyone to submit maps to the server either their maps or maps they like and think could fit well. Most of the styles are accepted, though rules will most likely exclude any "LOL" map. Karma will be used to remove maps from the server.
So that's why i put " "Community" server " in the title. Anyone can submit maps. A few rules to follow. Added or not to the server after a quick review (see if the rules are respected, how is the map, etc.). And eventually removed from the server if the karma falls very low or issues are discovered on it like cuts, etc.

The server : Fun “ SpeedTech „ & More
Note that there's currently only 2 maps on it, cf. above. That's a reason why i create this topic too.

Rules :
  • You must use the TMStadium title pack. Integrated objects are allowed.
  • The ideal track length is <= 1 minute. We'll not take any map with a length above 2 minutes.
  • It's advised to read the mapping guide, especially if you're still relatively new to it. We'll most likely not take any "LOL" map.
  • Avoid submitting too hard maps, like competition Tech ones for instance. The goal is to have maps +/- accessible to players of any level.

Link : Submit a map (en) - Soumettre une map (fr)
All the pages are not finished yet as you can see. I just focused on finishing the map submission page as it's the most important. I'll do the 2 others asap. Also if a map isn't accepted, i'll try to point out why in a comment. You'll be able to see it in the list.

I'm taking any feedback about this project, the server, etc. If you think it's generally a bad idea to allow several styles on the same server (i could do several ones, but i'll need to know what are needed per player for the connection_downloadrate & connection_uploadrate values ; per default there's 8000 for each for 32 players ; i scaled both for 100 players), what a good duration for a map would be on the server as soon as there'll be more maps (current timer is 15m with a 1m15 and 1m40 map), anything.

*I was just saying in french : "If you only speak french, reassure yourself, you'll find a french link below.".
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Fast Twisters Creator
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