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Location: Home  Community Forums  Community Projects  2018 MX Community Track - Valley [Released!] 
2018 MX Community Track - Valley [Released!]
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2018 MX Community Track - Valley [Released!] 17 June 2018 13:27:23  

Hello again again... again! :d

At last, the final track of this batch of community tracks! (There will be more in future)
It's Valley's turn!
Same as previous, aiming for an easier general 'race' style.
With the recent valley dirt project, perhaps this track will have less emphasis on dirt, and more on roads.


  • Track Style: General race style.
  • Mood: Day/afternoon
  • Each track section should be as close to 10 seconds as possible, for a total track length of 1:30.
  • Track sections should be generally easy and respawnable.
  • Try to end your section with an easy way for the next builder to continue.
  • Builders must not modify previous sections without permission from the original builder.
  • The majority of scenery will be added after the driving route is completed.
  • Blockmixing is allowed, provided flickering textures are avoided.
  • Custom objects are allowed, as long as one builder doesn't take up too much of the allocated space (1MB)
  • Ingame mediatracker consists of a GPS and loop cameras (where needed)
  • Podium camera slot also means placing the podium block itself too, it's only fair that way 8-|

How this works

  • Each slot represents a 10 second section of track, and slot order determines build order.
  • There will be slots open for scenery, mediatracker and the MX screenshot as well.
  • If you've built on an MX community track recently, it's recommended to let other builders have a turn.
  • Once a section is built, wait for approval from the host before building the next section.
  • To sign up, reply to this post with the slot you would prefer to build, along with your name in the MX Discord server.
  • If you are not part of the Mania Exchange Discord, you can follow this link:
  • Once all slots have been filled, I will add everyone involved into a Discord channel within the Discord server
  • Please be mindful of your free time before committing to building.
  • If you fail to respond to messages when it is your turn, you will be removed and replaced.
  • Once complete, the track will be released on the   MX-Community account.

Building slots

Section 1: AR »rexine :done:
Section 2: akiliyh :done:
Section 3: BushMonkey :done:
Section 4: Deska :done:
Section 5: Nsgr :done:
Section 6: Piotrunio :done:
Section 7: ToyecaTM2 :done:
Section 8: Kousseau :done:
Section 9: Mayfey :done:

Mediatracker, etc

Project Host: BushMonkey
Intro: Snake55Wildcat :done:
Ingame: BushMonkey :done:
Outro: Piotrunio :done:
Podium: Snake55Wildcat :done:
Scenery: akiliyh :done:
Screenshot: Kousseau :done:
Validation: akiliyh :done:

The track has been completed and released!
Last edited by PangoLynne, 10 October 2018 00:08:52
Location: AU
17 June 2018 13:31:53  
Hoi ! :)
I'd be interested in doing the fourth part of the track (just after yours) and why not the scenery if I ever have some time ^^
MX Discord : Toyeca#8545 (Toyeca)
Learner Driver
17 June 2018 13:38:52  
Hi everybody !!(l)(l)
I'd love to make the 5th part or any other ! I can also make the scenery or the validation ;)(y)(brb):d;)
This will be my first map of the community I'm going to and besides on the environment I prefer!(l)(l)8-|
Discord : akilehad#7663
Last edited by, 17 June 2018 15:00:15
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FR
17 June 2018 13:44:00  
henlo, can I participate and build 6th part?

edit1: I can do some outro cameras

Discord: Piotrunio#9669
Last edited by Piotrunio, 17 June 2018 15:54:07
Learner Driver
Location: PL
17 June 2018 13:51:52  
I'd love to build a part, possibly the start of that's not taken yet but any section besides the finish would be great:cool:
I can only start building on the 20th though.
Buffer Overflow
Location: DE
17 June 2018 14:33:48  
hey, can i have the 7th section? :d
Learner Driver
Location: PL
17 June 2018 14:53:29  
Couple small updates discussed through discord:
At their own request, akilehad has been moved to slot 2.
Solux was part of the recently released Valley Dirt community track, so will have to sit this one out (sorry!)
Location: AU
17 June 2018 15:14:32  
I'd love to participate, I'm up for section 8 if it's ok. Also maybe the Screenshot

Discord : Kousseau#5633
Last edited by Kousseau, 17 June 2018 15:15:13
Learner Driver
Location: FR
[Deleted] 17 June 2018 17:51:29  
Decided to take my request back, because I just participated in the community stadium track.:'(
Note to me: read guidelines carefully before posting.:p Sorry :$
Last edited by luk-t-obk, 17 June 2018 18:09:23
Learner Driver
17 June 2018 18:52:32  
Hey, I think I could take on Section 5 ^^
Learner Driver
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