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Canyon Track pieces
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Canyon Track pieces 13 October 2018 19:47:28  
Hi. I'll try to keep this short. gl:) Canyon track editor, I have found that placing a Start line piece (3-3) the connector piece is on the Left, 3-3 + 8-1 set up Left Banked Left turn. The other Start line (3-4) it's on the Right, 3-4 + 8-2 set up Right Banked turn. That means the track can only have left OR right banked turns. It seems to me that there should be two Folder 1 pieces (straight track pieces). One with the connector on the Left then Right and the other with the connector on the Right then Left. That way pieces 8-1 and 8-2 could be placed to set up different turns. (Left Banked turns followed by Right Banked turns). I hope I've made this clear and would be very pleased if you tell me that I'm missing something and tell me what it is. Thanks for reading this mess.
Learner Driver
13 October 2018 20:06:00  
I believe the pieces you are looking for are 1-1-6 and 1-1-7. These flip the GP clip orientation. There are alternatives as well, such as leaving an empty ground space between two GP pieces, transitioning to another surface before transitioning back, or adding a jump to the route.
MTC Host
Location: US
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