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Mapping Challenge
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Mapping Challenge 29 October 2018 19:18:37  
Welcome to the first Mapping Challenge.
This is a challenge similar to MTC, but with more difficult themes. Wich is planned to be every 2 weeks.
And organized by me and stupskiesel. (of course we build too;) )

There is nothing to win except honor and fun.

We judge the tracks ourselves and I think there will be a clear winner. But if there are a lot people to participate it we have to think about something else. (screenshot, mediatracker doesn't count for judging)

Theme for this first map::build:
You take 3 blocks. Block [1] should be a 1x1, when viewed from above and blocks [2] and [3] bigger than 1x1 from above.

You have to place:
- block [1] on the ground
- block [2] in a hight of 3
- block [3] in a hight of 7

You have to drive over the blocks in this order:
[1] -> [3] -> [2] -> [2] -> [3] -> [2] -> [1]

Only Stadium and NO custom blocks allowed

Please make a GPS and just show the number of the block when you drive over it

You have 2 weeks time to build the map and post a full link into the comments.

Any questions? :$
Ask them in the comments!

Gl & Hf:)
Last edited by Rioyter, 29 October 2018 19:29:02
Old Age Caravanner
29 October 2018 21:42:24  
An litle explanation:
The blocks [1],[2],[3] are just 3 blocks you put in different heights and you have to drive over in the order given. Between them, you can do whatever you want to.
Old Age Caravanner
I have a question. 01 November 2018 01:33:02  
Is HAM an instrument? :|

Asking this for a friend BTW
Last edited by pinkangel, 01 November 2018 01:33:56
Learner Driver
Location: CH
02 November 2018 03:02:26  
My Map is Ready to Drive !
Try it out: Mapping Challenge #1 by stupskiesel
Learner Driver
Location: DE
02 November 2018 11:40:44  
HAM is an instrument because everything is an instrument if you use it right:d
Old Age Caravanner
02 November 2018 20:06:31  
Old Age Caravanner
<3 03 November 2018 23:33:45  

I'm not the best but here it goes. owo

Last edited by pinkangel, 03 November 2018 23:38:22
Learner Driver
Location: CH
12 November 2018 18:49:07  
Mapping period is over.
The valid maps are:

Old Age Caravanner
22 November 2018 21:54:02  
soooo whwn is the next mapping challenge :3
Learner Driver
Location: CH
22 November 2018 22:13:10  
Its already online:$ Here!
It is every 2 weeks building time, with no downtime in between.;)
Old Age Caravanner
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