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Mapping Challenge 2
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Mapping Challenge 2 12 November 2018 20:04:45  
Welcome to the second Mapping challenge!

This weeks theme is by stubskiesel:

The track...

... has to start with a nosebug to the right!
... needs to have at least 3 respawnable cp's after that!
... has only one finish! (so no fake or faster fins)
... should be driveable for new players, therefor you need to include:
- a GPS of a clean run (only for Nose and other Bugs: show witch buttons are pressed and on witch point) !
- a GPS of a cp to cp run!

Formal rules:

- you need to include MC2 in some way in the trackname on TMX.
- you need to post the map within 2 weeks under this post (till Monday 26th)
- you need to build in Stadium

Have any questions about the theme?
Ask them in the comments!

Gl & Hf:d:build:

You can find the first mapping challenge over here !
Old Age Caravanner
16 November 2018 20:26:22  
I finished my Map
GL & HF8-|

Learner Driver
Location: DE
25 November 2018 11:47:23  
Old Age Caravanner
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