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StarTrack² project 2018/2019 by TM community!
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StarTrack² project 2018/2019 by TM community! 10 December 2018 21:02:02  
Hello and welcome to probably my biggest Trackmania projects I've made in my life.
Official project name: StarTrack²
I want you yes YOU to build a map to our big campaign of our favourite game.:build:

What is this all about? Simple.
I want us to build campaign in each environment in Nadeo style. I had a dream that I will do something for the trackmania community besides my titlepacks that were not good to say the least.

You may ask.. why? We already have 4 campaign made by developers, why would we need another 4?
The goal is to make these campaign enjoyable for everyone. Good design, overlook, ghost times.. you know what I mean. Also some campaign maps with updates to the maniaplanet are 'broken'. We shall make maps that will not broke and keep them great!

More information on discord server:Click! MX discord -> scroll down for the StarTrack2 category.

Aplication for the mapping is in st2-discussion channel. Just write there and you can get a role.

Youtube trailer:Mine down here. Waiting for Timania to finish one for this project!

What we need now:
-Map builders and testers:build:
-Media creators (Images, logos etc.. for the future!)
-Decent drivers for ghost medal times:cool:
-Probably you!(y)

Here are the rules for mapping: Click! Updated 24.07.2019

Building starts 12:00pm CET timezone at 12.12.2018. Hope to see you there!

Cheers ArkesTM(y)
Last edited by ArkesTM, 24 July 2019 17:22:25
Location: PL
18 February 2019 18:44:47  
We are about 30% done with the project! And you can still join it on MX discord server!:build:
Last edited by ArkesTM, 18 February 2019 18:46:13
Location: PL
05 May 2019 10:12:40  
We are about 42% done!

We are still activly looking for mappers for Canyon, Valley and Stadium environment. Check mx discord for more informations!
Last edited by ArkesTM, 05 May 2019 11:11:30
Location: PL
Update! :o 02 June 2019 19:16:31  
Update on the project!:o

- 46% of the map [120/260] are done and marked as done! [Yet still there will be testing period to make sure everything is as its best.]

- Every titlepack needs 10 players before it gets published to the maniaplanet store. For this project is no diffrence, we need 10 players for each title.
But how will I do that? Simple. I've made empty titles for the project and sent them to players. Yet not everyone downloaded it so I'm hoping to get 10 players in each title here. Just load them in your empty station, enter the title once (if a pop up will be shown asking if you want to upload the pack to the cloud click no) and that's it! You've contributed to the project! See you on the road!

Here is the download link to all 4 empty titles:

ArkesTM - Project leader
Location: PL
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