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Location: Home  Community Forums  Map Requests  asteri Cup #2 Map Request 
asteri Cup #2 Map Request
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asteri Cup #2 Map Request 16 March 2019 12:45:58  
Map Name: $i$eeeasteriCup $000- $XXXYOURMAPNAME (replace XXX by a colour of your choice)
Titlepack: TMStadium or Competition TP, Custom Blocks allowed

Tech: 45sec to 80sec, not too difficult nor too easy
Dirt: 40sec to 70sec, not too difficult nor too easy
lol / rpg: 60sec to 150sec, rather easy
MultiLap: total duration 180sec to 300sec, any difficulty, mixed styles
picked Maps: 2 Tech Maps, 2 Dirt Maps, 1 lol/rpg Map, 1 MultiLap Map
Mood: any time you want
Signs: use Nadeo signs and keep atleast 2 free spots for later

Map submission
> send E-Mail to ""
> subject "asteri Cup #2 - YOURMAPNAME (just the name behind $XXX)
> Voluntary: add a replay
> Deadline: Saturday 20th April, 20 CEST

Location: DE
Page: 1 of 1 Post Reply
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