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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  MTC June 2019: Evel Knievel (Results on Page 2) 
MTC June 2019: Evel Knievel (Results on Page 2)
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MTC June 2019: Evel Knievel (Results on Page 2) 01 June 2019 15:44:15  

    Welcome to the ManiaExchange Monthly Track Contest (MTC) June 2019 hosted by Rexine!

    In the MTC your task is to build a track on a given theme. Later, all the submitted tracks are rated and a winner is determined.

    🐱‍🏍 Theme of the Month: Evel Knievel 🕊️

    Make a single crazy stunt

    Theme Rules

    • The stunt should be the main feature of the track, the rest of the track should just be leading up to it
    • Don't make the stunt too difficult to complete, but it should require some amount of skill
    • Dressing up the stunt as if Knievel was about to perform it will get you a higher theme score
    • It's up to you to decide what "crazy" looks like


    • All environments and titlepacks
    • Blockmixing
    • Embedded items
    • Custom time of day
    • Mods
    • TMUF cars

    Not Allowed

    • Press Forward, Left, Right, or similar tracks
    • Maps that require Openplanet
    • Trial maps

    General Rules

    • You may submit one track maximum
    • Duo tracks are allowed, but each map counts as one track for each author involved
    • MTC should be present in the track name
      Examples: Infinity Flip (MTC) ; [mtc] 9000+ Car Jump ; MTC – Technical Aerial Shenanigans (check that any special characters do not break in the TM or MX track name)
    • The track should be built in the most recent version of the game


    • Your track should be uploaded before the end of Saturday, June 29th at midnight PST
    • Tracks submitted within the deadline will have June 30th to make any last minute edits
    • Public voting will go from July 1st to July 8th
    • Results will be posted July 9th at the earliest


    :gold: Honour and the right to brag! (Jozii used to say that. I hope some still remember him? :p)
    :gold: The top 3 winners will receive a showcase of a track of their choice (< 10 awards)

    How to Submit

    • ***Upload your map to this map-pack AND post a link to your map in this thread***
    • You can update your track within the deadline as many times as you want
    • Submitted courses may be updated within 24 hours of submissions closing, in case of any necessary last minute changes. New courses may NOT be submitted in this time frame
    • Updating your track after the revision deadline has passed will lead to a disqualification. You are free to update your track once the results are published

    Judging: Public and internal
    We will use a mixture of 70/30 between internal judging and public voting if there is 1 public voter, 60/40 for 2-3, and 50/50 for 4+

    • Everyone is allowed to judge, even players who submitted a map (your score on your own map will be removed, so give it whatever you want!)
    • Every map will be judged with a decimal number from 0 (bad) to 10 (good). All votes greater than/equal to 7 or less than/equal to 4 require constructive feedback on why you gave it that score
    • Note that you have to judge a stage entirely! You cannot judge only half of it. If you are not able to finish the map, your vote can still count! Please only leave that as a very last resort, and still judge the entire map fairly
    • You need to verify your vote by making a post here (for example: "Voted :done:")
    • One best and one worst vote for each map will be ignored if more than 10 people vote
    • The overall score will be a mixture of the average public score and the average internal score
    • You must have access to all environments and vote on all maps for your votes to count

Good luck!
If you have any questions, please ask :)

Last edited by AR »rexine, 20 July 2019 19:04:19
Location: US
06 June 2019 09:46:02  
Last edited by Nace, 06 June 2019 09:46:34
Learner Driver
10 June 2019 12:44:02  

(if anyone feels like making a screeny that'd be cool)

PS : i'm too dumb to add my map to the mappack :x
Last edited by AR »DrHugs., 10 June 2019 12:46:25
Quad Bike Racer
11 June 2019 21:35:15  
map inc
Last edited by ziyx, 11 June 2019 21:43:01
Learner Driver
11 June 2019 22:40:11  
here it is
Learner Driver
evel knievel 12 June 2019 22:58:15  
Learner Driver
Location: US
14 June 2019 18:16:35  
Learner Driver
Learner Driver
Location: FR
28 June 2019 16:33:47  
Location: GB
29 June 2019 02:41:43  
Last edited by pjw, 29 June 2019 02:45:40
Moped Racer
Location: US
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