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Location: Home  Community Forums  Feedback  [SUGGESTION] Feature request about mapsearching. 
[SUGGESTION] Feature request about mapsearching.
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[SUGGESTION] Feature request about mapsearching. 05 June 2019 15:48:15  
Could anything be done about wrongly displayed mapstyles ? I play only Fullspeed in Stadium, so I filtered and set those as default. Problem being that more than 1 map on 2 labeled as "Fullspeed" is actually not fullspeed. Sometimes it's a LoL track.. Sometimes a dirt track..

This is honestly very annoying, I like to test all the FS stuff to give feedback or to add them on servers, but at this point i'm passing more time to actually DL random maps that have nothing to do with what i asked for than actually testing to give feedback. I know that mods can't be everywhere and test everything, that'd ask an inhuman amount of time. But if you can come up with some sort of fix ... This is clearly killing MX. I know ppl that won't even think about going and DL stuff here because of the huge mess.
Last edited by AR »DrHugs., 06 June 2019 11:44:02
Quad Bike Racer
09 June 2019 14:49:19  
Atm its 15 maps over 20 not being fullspeed in the fullspeed list... Come on......
Quad Bike Racer
09 June 2019 15:17:59  
There is no easy 'fix' to this issue, since it is user-generated and therefore needs moderation.

I have an idea on how to solve the conflict with an easy method and I'll keep you updated on when we're going to launch it.
site development, media
Lead Developer
Location: DE
09 June 2019 15:21:54  
Great then, ty for answering !
Quad Bike Racer
09 June 2019 17:31:17  
Well i saw your comments on my maps :)

I know it's not a typical FS map but the Fullspeed categorie "rule" is : you go really fast and you never brake. So i put the FS categories on my 2 shitfest maps cause it's actually it.

But for people who just put FS and it's not FS at all, it can be frustrating sure:'(
Trying Unique Idea
Location: CA
09 June 2019 17:43:36  
Problem being the said slides are from a whole other mapstyle : speedfun. If it's another mapstyle, it's not fullspeed. Go on any Fullspeed server and you'll see that not a single track contains those features. Stadium FS is kinda specific.

Then why not putting "Race" instead of "Fullspeed" because obviously 99.9% of the interested persons (aka fullspeed players) will tell you the same, it's not a fullspeed map. The 0.1% left being ppl that don't know it enough but still have an opinion.

When it's just 1 track over a lot .. Sure, no big deal. But if everyone does like you, it ends up like now. 15 maps over 20 not fitting the actual mapstyle. I'm testing tracks for the main Fullspeed server (evo beginner) online, i'm dealing with the maplist. Imagine having 3/4 tracks not being even the mapstyle you asked for in the filters... Yours included. Not very enjoyable.

Hopefully Ozon & the crew are awesome enough to have thought of it even before I made this post so it's alright :) .
Last edited by AR »DrHugs., 09 June 2019 18:28:06
Quad Bike Racer
09 June 2019 18:29:44  
Speedfun is not a style available to choose in the MX style list. It would be too difficult to list all styles and sub-styles, as they tend to grow and evolve naturally rather than having strict definitions. The way I see it, Speedfun is a sub-style of the general Fullspeed style. You seem to view Fullspeed in a very constrictive way; perhaps it would be better to leave Fullspeed as a general style that can encompass many types of non-braking maps and reconsider your personal definition as a new sub-style of Fullspeed?
MTC Host
Location: US
09 June 2019 18:33:24  
You both have good points.
I'll change it for you tho :)
Trying Unique Idea
Location: CA
09 June 2019 18:36:19  
Well, there is the "Race" section for all those unfitting tracks tho :/ I don't see what's the problem with putting those tracks there instead of having to "parasite" another style. Problem being that for Stadium, fullspeed got very specific over time. I don't see how any other style could become a substyle if it dsnt fit to the actual stadium's fullspeed criterias. You don't call a tacos a burger, yet it's wrapped meat.

The even bigger problem is that there's not just speedfun tracks atm. I see a huge load of dirt - tech - random whatever you would call them tracks. If it was just speedfun, i'd even understand and let it go, but at this point it's just a huge pain. Do check by yourself, filters : stadium - fullspeed. Last page - 15/20 not fullspeed.

@Eternity thanks for the consideration <3
Last edited by AR »DrHugs., 09 June 2019 18:36:49
Quad Bike Racer
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