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Location: Home  Community Forums  Competitions  Level Cup 2 - 16th October at 20:00 CET! 
Level Cup 2 - 16th October at 20:00 CET!
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Level Cup 2 - 16th October at 20:00 CET! 30 September 2019 12:54:32  
It's been some time since the last Level Cup and now it's time for the next one!
Down below you find all the information what this cup is about.
Level Cup 2 - Multilap edition - 16th Oct (Wednesday) at 20:00 CET

Maximum amount of players - 50
Minimum amount of players - 16 (if not enough players sign up till 15th Oct, the tournament will be postponed or even cancelled)
Registration needed

Mode - Rounds with 1 - 2 Minutes of Warm-Up on 10 Maps in total, the so called levels --> 10 Levels = 10 Maps

The second Level Cup Edition is being played in Stadium (Vanilla Stadium Titlepack)
Level 1 - 3: Relatively easy Endurance Races (Dirt, Fullspeed and Tech)
Level 4 - 7: Endurance maps of medium to very hard difficulty (LOL, RPG, Tech)
Level 8 - 10: Random Multilap Maps from MX (I will pick unknown ones, don't worry :p)
Point destribution: 16 for 1st, 14 for 2nd, 13 for 3rd, and so on.
(With this I want to reward consistent driving instead of risking for the top positions, I however appreciate any suggestions you have for another destribution)

Registration -> Through this discord ( by posting your mp4 nickname and login in #levelcup-registrations

Prizepool -> 10$ for 1st, random steam keys for all participants, however like last time, the top 5 players (2nd - 5th) will be able to pick their keys first.

The Servername and link is yet to be announced, I am organising one right now and hope that everything will be ready soon.
See ya on the tracks hopefully!

Last edited by Bresso, 30 September 2019 12:57:31
Learner Driver
Location: DE
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