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Location: Home  Community Forums  Community Projects  CHRISTMAS CALENDAR PROJECT '19 - sign-up & orga ! 
CHRISTMAS CALENDAR PROJECT '19 - sign-up & orga !
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CHRISTMAS CALENDAR PROJECT '19 - sign-up & orga ! 09 October 2019 20:18:23  


    What is the CCP?

    The CCP works like a Christmas calendar. Every day of December, up to the 25th, a track will be uploaded as a little present8-| . The CCP used to be hosted on TMX and has now been revamped on MX since 2 years ^^. I've decided to reorganising another edition for this year 2019 for your greatest pleasure !:d If you want to participate in this project it's pretty easy , for that just write me a pm either here on ManiaExchange or on discord (Akiliyh#7663) with the date that you want;) . Please don't tell anyone your date after you received a confirmation from me, to keep the suprise factor for everyone.(y)


    • Be sure you'll be able to upload the track on the date you choose!
    • Length: minimum 35 seconds
    • Style: Depends on you! RPG's are allowed as well, just for clarification
    • No luck-based or too hard tracks (e.g. no lunatic-trial-map)
    • Trackname: CCP#XX - Trackname (e.g. CCP#14 - Frozen Earth)
    • Any kind of beta area is not allowed.
    • Allowed titlepacks are Stadium, Valley, Canyon, Lagoon, TMAll, Competition titlepack , TM One Speed , Alpine and RPG. Envimix is allowed aswell as Blockmixing .If you want further information please PM me about what you're not sure of.
    • Make sure that everyone can open your map without downloading extra custom blocks besides the ones that are embedded.
    • Try to put a Winter/Christmas theme into your track ^^ .

    Side info:

    • The dates with :wait: are still available !:cool:
    • An extra thread for map posting will be made just before December, where you will post the link to your maps ^^
    • Just for information the standard time for publishing maps is around noon (CET) to allow most times zones to have the map on the day in question .However if you do not have the possibility to , you can publish it at the time you want , it does not have much importance in fact :p
    • The 24th and 25th are special dates , everyone can submit a map for Xmas eve/day as it would be like a big present for you ! There's no spot to reserve to these days.

    Winter signs , mods and items:

    -Signpack :

    - Updated mods for MP4 :

    -Items :


      02 :done:
      12 :done:
      22 :done:
      24:wait: /:wait: /:wait:
      25:wait: /:wait: / :wait:

    I'm now waiting for your PMs, and will start a new topic just before December where you'll be able to post your tracks as a Xmas calendar ! I'll investigate often the evolutions of your maps.:$
    Happy mappings !:cool:
Last edited by, 26 October 2019 08:36:06
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FR
26 October 2019 08:35:31  

Note to mappers involved in this project !

  eFFecT will be the videomaker of this year aswell !

So be sure to give me/him the files of your maps and a nice replay at least one week before the release of your map !
Also for those who want to do a lagoon map , a mod made by Luk last year will probably help you a lot !:)

pinned on the front page*

Happy mappings ^^;)
Quad Bike Racer
Location: FR
UPDATED MODS 24 November 2019 09:51:22  

Note to mappers involved in this project

The Stadium X-Mas Mods has been updated with new MX logos and MP4 style booster textures !

Be aware to dowload these new mods and put the new version of the one you've chosen on your CCP map , if you don't know how to do that see the tutorial right there :

  • "The tutorial in question"

    You donwload these on Stadium X-Mas Mods or on Maniapark :
  • Quad Bike Racer
    Location: FR
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