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Planet Competitions
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09 December 2014 21:29:32  

Competition over!

:gold: Madrolla»BCS
:silver: »ToY« Blade
:bronze: snellejasper

PM me with your login and I'll send the planets (y) (y)
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Old Age Caravanner
Le compétition de planets 14 December 2014 19:48:41  

+++ Planets competition: +++
Fastest three racers until the 23rd of December, 23:59 German Time win some planets!(y)
- 1st: 3000 planets
- 2nd: 1500 planets
- 3rd: 500 planets
Extra 500 planets if you beat my time.
Quad Bike Racer
Location: DE
24 December 2014 14:00:32  

Planet Competitions
The three best time until 30 December, 21:00 (French time), win some planets.
:gold: : 5000 planets
:silver: : 2500 planets
:bronze: : 1000 planets
Learner Driver
Daily challenge 01 January 2015 01:24:07  
Today I've started a project called 'daily challenge' where I upload a track every day and at the end of the next day the first place will win a small prize (50 Planets atm), since I don't wanna spam this section there is more information and the challenges listed in another topic. (click here to get there)

This is the first one of the series of short challenges :) "daily challenge 001"

Constructive feedback is always welcome! :d
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G-kart Racer
Location: DE
12 January 2015 16:31:44  
Upward by   Scape

first place - 3000 planets
second place - 2000 planets
third place - 1500 planets
fourth place - 1000 planets
fifth place - 500 planets
Applies to traditionally offline replays
Deadline 18. 01. 2015 12:00 CET
If you find the cut(impossible ), you can use.
Learner Driver
Location: CZ
PMC 14 January 2015 23:43:43  
I will give out some planets on my PMC map tomorrow. ;)

Just join the Planets Millions Cup server tomorrow (Thursday) at 21:00 CET.
The server is located in the TMPlus titlepack.
The cup is about playing long unknown maps without warmup.

There will be 14 winners of 500 planets. You can also win multiple 500 planets.
More explanation follows tomorrow on the server.

Gl&hf, cu tomorrow! :)
Moped Racer
20 January 2015 05:48:45  

The prizes:

:gold: Replay better than 21.24 gets 1000 Planets.
:silver: Replay between 21.24 and 21.99 gets 500 Planets.
:bronze: Replay above 22.00 gets 250 Planets.

Give your login by private message after you submit the replay: I'm sending Planets before the deadline.

Deadline: 31/January/2015

Demo version players: I can also send your prize in TMUF Coppers.
G-kart Racer
Location: BR
20 January 2015 20:51:56  

Check out my latest track :).

:gold: 3000p d'nugget
:silver: 2000p Mewis
:bronze: 1000 sky.'
:award: 4th-10th 500p
Deadline: 1/2-2015 20.00 CET
PM login
Good luck!
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Old Age Caravanner
01 February 2015 21:16:21  
Hey guys,

I've got some planets to offer... Check it out!

:gold: 1st: Maciey
:silver: 2nd: Coshank
:bronze: 3rd: -

Planets sent :done:
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Learner Driver
Location: NL
16 February 2015 04:46:07  

The prizes:

:gold: Replay better than 20.65 gets 1000 Planets.
:silver: Replay between 20.65 and 20.99 gets 500 Planets.
:bronze: Replay above 21.00 gets 250 Planets.

Send your login by private message after you submit the replay: Like previously, I'm sending the Planets as I receive your logins.

Deadline: 28/February/2015

TMUF players: I can also send your prize in Coppers.

Note: Players who submitted me their login I already sent their prizes within' 24 hours. I'm not asking players for their logins or if they are interested in the prize. If you forgot, you still can do so until first week of the next month.
Last edited by Mortex -745-, 25 February 2015 03:37:28
G-kart Racer
Location: BR
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