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Location: Home  Community Forums  Christmas Advent Calendar  #5 A new environment layout 
#5 A new environment layout
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#5 A new environment layout 05 December 2014 09:25:46  

Heya! Looks like you are getting gifted again! These mods were created for the ultimate MXmas experience! The MXmas mod is a fully-selfmade production by Reaby and Cuba, while the Cryo Moontain is a mixture of HawkGer's Cryo mod in Canyon and Peper's Moontain Park, put together by Ozon.

Enjoy these and have fun mapping with these, aswell as creating pictures and videos!

MXmas Mod (Stadium) | Picture Album
CryoMoontain Mod (Canyon) | Picture Album

You can find all doors and downloads aswell on the manialink "adventcalendar" (these news will take a while, technical difficulties with getting the mod download running).
gado is a
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