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StarTrack² project 2018/2019 by TM community!
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StarTrack² project 2018/2019 by TM community! 10 December 2018 21:02:02  
Hello and welcome to probably my biggest Trackmania projects I've made in my life.
Official project name: StarTrack²
I want you yes YOU to build a map to our big campaign of our favourite game.:build:

What is this all about? Simple.
I want us to build campaign in each environment in Nadeo style. I had a dream that I will do something for the trackmania community besides my titlepacks that were not good to say the least.

You may ask.. why? We already have 4 campaign made by developers, why would we need another 4?
The goal is to make these campaign enjoyable for everyone. Good design, overlook, ghost times.. you know what I mean. Also some campaign maps with updates to the maniaplanet are 'broken'. We shall make maps that will not broke and keep them great!

More information on discord server:Click! MX discord -> scroll down for the StarTrack2 category.

Aplication for the mapping is in st2-discussion channel. Just write there and you can get a role.

Youtube trailer:Mine down here. Waiting for Timania to finish one for this project!

What we need now:
-Map builders and testers:build:
-Media creators (Images, logos etc.. for the future!)
-Decent drivers for ghost medal times:cool:
-Probably you!(y)

Here are the rules for mapping: Click!

Building starts 12:00pm CET timezone at 12.12.2018. Hope to see you there!

Cheers ArkesTM(y)
Last edited by ArkesTM, 18 February 2019 18:44:12
Location: PL
18 February 2019 18:44:47  
We are about 30% done with the project! And you can still join it on MX discord server!:build:
Last edited by ArkesTM, 18 February 2019 18:46:13
Location: PL
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