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 WTC Allooo Chapooween

by  Chapelier +1 |  26
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It's a start
AT   03:29.635 |  Canyon / CanyonCar   |   Advanced 
ID  238322 
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 Chapelier  |    Châpelier chapo
 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   01:41.658  kuba.L 26 (100%)
2nd   01:41.943  Jarago 20.8 (80%)
3rd   01:42.034  Chapelier 16.9 (65%)
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 Embedded objects30 Objects
Object IX? Object author
jump-jara.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
jump-jara2.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Metal01.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Deco1.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Shelf5.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Cube_Arrow04.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Western_Store.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Cube01.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Cube02.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Cube03.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Random01.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Random02.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Random03.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Random04.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Random05.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Ramp02.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Pillar.Item.Gbx Pizzz
Platform02.Item.Gbx Pizzz
Platform03.Item.Gbx Pizzz
Platform04.Item.Gbx Pizzz
Platform06.Item.Gbx Pizzz
01.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
02.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
03.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
04.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
05.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
06.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
Pita01.Item.Gbx Pizzz
Pita02.Item.Gbx Pizzz
Struct.Item.Gbx toto_la_frite
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