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Mania Exchange information
Name : CSb¹»Tweaker
Author :
Version :22 July 2017 03:33:28
Uploaded :20 January 2013 16:48:59
Track ID : 28345 
Track Value :  556
Status : Visible (approved)
Release Status : Released
Track details
Game : TrackMania 2
TitlePack : TMCanyonMod : (none)
Map Type : RaceStyle : Speedtech
Environment : CanyonRoutes : Single
Length : 1 minDiff. : Intermediate
Disp. Cost : 5221Laps : (none)
Mood : SunsetVehicle : CanyonCar
Author Time : 00:52.258Ghostblocks :
 Offline records
 00:50.732  Larentz556 (100%)14-01-18
 00:50.908  ErSykZer533.76 (96%)13-12-17
 00:51.022   dawid511.52 (92%)27-01-13
 00:51.025   Elystix489.28 (88%)27-01-13
 00:51.168   Azora467.04 (84%)08-03-15
 00:51.308   huebiman444.8 (80%)11-03-15
 00:51.370   Maeldu78422.56 (76%)21-01-13
 00:51.375   edk400.32 (72%)02-03-15
 00:51.375   AndreFrei378.08 (68%)11-03-15
 00:51.378   MiniGod355.84 (64%)27-09-15
 00:51.412   Keirabxtch333.6 (60%)02-03-13
 00:51.428   Patriot311.36 (56%)20-01-16
 00:51.541  Jeanpeche289.12 (52%)03-12-17
 00:51.543   div266.88 (48%)21-01-13
 00:51.604   soulstorm244.64 (44%)24-02-14
 00:51.732   Mebe12222.4 (40%)11-04-17
 00:51.768   C4Freak200.16 (36%)29-01-13
 00:51.860   jdi75177.92 (32%)21-04-13
 00:51.934   sbone155.68 (28%)06-09-15
 00:51.998   mazer133.44 (24%)03-02-13
 00:52.008   ToSop111.2 (20%)24-02-14
 00:52.116   Jarektmnx88.96 (16%)04-02-13
 00:52.137   jeromino66.72 (12%)21-01-13
 00:52.143   Dr Rock44.48 (8%)26-01-13
 00:52.158   Nesrally22.24 (4%)31-07-14
 Dedimania recordsView on Dedimania
 Author Comments
Sbone asked me to make a track for the CSb1 team and here it is. :) It's my first Canyon track without boosters and fully made in tm2unlimiter but no heavy bm. It's a full speedtech transition drifter in the same style of Hellbender but that was more of a theme track going in rounds, this is normal race.

As all my tracks I tried to tune all constructions to be taken from (almost) all angles. To pro's this track might feel a bit too easy but it will work the better online. But believe me, hunting this baby is a biatch. Oh and since it's for the CSb1 rounds server I made the track easy to continue after a crash so you can at least finish and still get some points. But it will also work in time attack ofcourse.

Track info:
-Style: Full Speedtech (drift)
-Author time: 00'52''25
-Intro: :done:
-GPS: :done:
-Podium: :done:
-Respawnable cp's :done:
-Mood: Sunset
-Building time: +/- 50h
-BM: :done: (medium)

Ps. Averagely I make about 300 backup saves per track, my record was Hellbender with 600 saves and this track broke that record with 900 saves. That's why I called this track Tweaker. ;)

Pss. There may be some bad english in the above text.:$

Video: Youtube
Video: TM-Tube


Thanks list:
Thx! s'habba (y) Cheerz!
Thx! ymce (y) => Thanks for replay!
Thx! Rochade (y) My last track felt like yesterday but I guess time flies. Thanks for your replay. ;)
Thx! div (y) Race with care. :p Great replay!
Thx! sbone (y) Big cheers and you're welcome! Ty for replay. :d
Thx! Sayo (y) ;)
Thx! Zubi (y) :)
Thx! Maeldu78 (y) :) Crazy replay! (y)
Thx! jeromino (y) Yw ;) Thanks for replay.
Thx! Alex BF (y) Glad that you think so :)
Thx! poivrot (y) Aw cheers :d Nice replay.
Thx! mlokan (y) Thanks man :) Ty 4 replay.
Thx! donfetti (y) Absolutely thanks(brb) Txz for replay.
Thx! MirExpress (y) Cheers a bunch=p Ty for replay.
Thx! kata78 (y) :)
Thx! Mr.DVD (y):d Thanks for replay.
Thx! Hartenbach (y) Ty 4 ur replay.
Thx! paper (y) Ok Cheers. :)
Thx! stevenamtaan (y) Ah well, cheers ;) Thanks 4 replay.
Thx! Ropesbart (y) The pleasure's all mine. :d Ty for replay.
Thx! ErSykZer (y) It's great to see you hunting my track. :d I'm glad to hear the track is perfect but shame about the finish. I knew that flying through was possible but didn't know about the 0.10 difference. I'll keep it mind for a next track. ;) And ofcourse thanks for the amazing replay! :cool:
Thx! Scape (y) :)
Thx! eyebo (y) Cheers a bunch. And I'm glad someone likes the scenery. :p
Thx! olddad (y) ;)
Thx! dawid (y) Gratz on placing 1st! Great replay! :cool:
Thx! fliegenpils (y) :)
Thx! kruemelyeti (y) :)
Thx! dieManiaCs (y) :)
Thx! Sic! (y) :)
Thx! Hans Holo (y) :cool:
Thx! ToSop (y) :)
Thx! nibor (y) :)
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Online map rating
Rated 4.76 stars by 51 players.
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