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 String Theories.

by  spX Seven  |  12
AT   01:16.858 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Advanced 
ID  100613 
 31 July 2017 03:47:09
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1st   01:15.953  Cubi 12 (100%) 29-12-18
2nd   01:16.410  vinceTM2 11.52 (96%) 29-01-18
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 Author Comments
Hey MX!

I'm back with a new map.
Now this map is really something big to me and I've put incredibly much work into it. I've started this map in summer and I believe I even finished the route within summer break.
When I started building the scenery, I decided I should do something big. So while working on it it became a really massive scenery, especially the further down you get. It took me about half a year. :d
I changed the finish a couple times because I never liked it and what's there now is what I was the most satisfied with.
My main goal for this map was to build it in TMNF style, I hope that worked out well :)


Let's move on with some facts.

Style: Highspeed, Transitional, SD
Intro: :done:
GPS: :done:
Cams: :done:
Scenery: Medium, getting very heavy and massive till the end
Coppers: 16407


A big thank you to iGn Fredajr for making this nice intro. :)
I think some people tested this map a while ago but since it's so long ago I've forgotten who it was :d Anyway, thanks to you^^


So to come to an end, I hope you like this map.
Have fun!


Thanks for awarding

ben3847 :)
Magik <3
Sky.esu :)
FlekzZ <3
fredair :) who cares if its j or i though?^^
hugs <3
DontCare <3
Cyan :) oh my god thank you (l)
para <3
AlexUSA :)
MentalSide (l)
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