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 mtc // wildtech

by  iHq/fredair.esu  |  0
AT   00:44.866 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Advanced 
ID  102067 
 22 July 2017 05:15:14
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Hey ManiaExchange,

iGn' | fredair here, presenting you my lastest entry for the ManiaExchange mtc march 2016. This is my 8th ManiaExchange mtc entry overall and in my opinion prolly my best entry this year. This time I tried to build something different and not 64*64 SD Fullspeeder and this is what happend.

Now to wildtech itself:
It's a transitional fullspeeder, inspired by v.neck. I tried to avoid big SD sections and i think i executed that kinda well since there are more often than not only short SDs and not these superlong SDs as the ones on evidence. The name while I was building it was mtc // wildrun but I didn't really like it so as you see I changed it. The name has no further background, just a word that came into my mind ^^

» some details:
»Lenght : ~44/45 sec
» Style : transitional fullspeeder
» Mood : sunset
» Authortime : 45.01
» Difficulty : intermediate / advanced (avoiding slowdown in the 270° Walltransition)
» MediaTracker : Intro, navigation, camswitches, outro (simple)
» Scenery : medium / heavy
» Screenshot : made with gimp
» betatester : Jay.ign

I think everything that has to be metioned is mentioned so:
Good Luck and have fun driving wildtech

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