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 MTC - Safari Park

by  fabinshain +1 |  0
AT   01:32.590 |  Lagoon / LagoonCar   |   Beginner 
ID  162639 
 01 July 2019 20:34:00
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 fabinshain — Mapper
 racekadse — Signs, Creative Input, Mental support through MP crashes
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MTC - April Top 5 - 2019 TM2 shortz Productions  shortz
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 Author Comments
Thanks to the update on MX the real track is now online and ready for your replays!!

This is a Placeholdermap as the real Track exceeds the 4mb filesize limit.
Real track can be downloaded here: Real Map (google drive)
This placeholdermap also contains a QR-code.

The Safari Park Map is co-authored by racekadse who is fairly new to TM (two weeks now apart from some minor exposure years ago) so shout outs to her and her creative input without which this map wouldn't exist!
The whole map idea was a growing progress with many ideas stacking onto each other to make a wholesome experience possible. Enjoy this map for the atmosphere and the looks. As the name suggests you will experience a day-trip to an Island you'd never expect!

All content is made with ingame-tools (apart from the signs of course).

This Map is the winner of the 2019 April MTC (Eye Candy)
 Embedded objects151 Objects
Object IX? Object author
WoodFlatToLowSlope1x1.Item.Gbx snake55wildcat
L-LBlue.Item.gbx xrayjay
Bollard_L.Item.gbx olda_x
Bollard_R.Item.gbx olda_x
Palm2.Item.Gbx olda_x
Palm3.Item.Gbx olda_x
SignLeft.Item.Gbx Demented
SignRight.Item.Gbx Demented
WrongWay.Item.Gbx Demented
StandRoof.Item.Gbx Demented
TB-Frame.Item.Gbx demented
TB-Plank.Item.Gbx demented
Wood-Left.Item.Gbx demented
Wood-Right.Item.Gbx demented
Wood-Up.Item.Gbx demented
Curve1.Item.Gbx demented
SandBase.Item.Gbx demented
SandHill8M.Item.Gbx demented
Rocks09.Item.Gbx demented
Rocks10.Item.Gbx demented
Rocks11.Item.Gbx demented
Rocks12.Item.Gbx demented
Rocks13.Item.Gbx demented
Rocks14.Item.Gbx demented
Log02.Item.Gbx demented
TallFence.Item.Gbx demented
Rocks02.Item.Gbx demented
Rocks03.Item.Gbx demented
Rocks04.Item.Gbx demented
Rocks08.Item.Gbx demented
TM-Straight08.Item.Gbx demented
TW-Access.Item.Gbx demented
TW-Straight16.Item.Gbx demented
BeamLong.Item.Gbx demented
BeamShort.Item.Gbx demented
Log01.Item.Gbx demented
TG-90VertA.Item.Gbx demented
TG-CurveA.Item.Gbx demented
TG-CurveB.Item.Gbx demented
TG-Straight32.Item.Gbx demented
TM-90VertA.Item.Gbx demented
TM-CurveA.Item.Gbx demented
TB-Support1.Item.Gbx demented
TB-Supports16.Item.Gbx demented
TB-Supports64.Item.Gbx demented
TD-Wall.Item.Gbx demented
TGate-CP.Item.Gbx demented
TGate-Finish.Item.Gbx demented
L_Float.Item.Gbx »Sinistea Mekh
L_Cone.Item.Gbx »Sinistea Mekh
L_Stone_1.Item.Gbx »Sinistea Mekh
L_Stone_2.Item.Gbx »Sinistea Mekh
L_StoneArch.Item.Gbx »Sinistea Mekh
L_Bale1.Item.Gbx »Sinistea Mekh
L_Barrier-2.Item.Gbx »Sinistea Mekh
L_Supportx2_2.Item.Gbx »Sinistea Mekh
_tree_removed.Block.Gbx fabinshain
2x2_no_inside_tree.Block.Gbx fabinshain
aztec_temple.Item.Gbx fabinshain
BAD_WHALE.Item.Gbx fabinshain
BAD_WHALE_small.Item.Gbx fabinshain
Baterang.Item.Gbx fabinshain
trees_on_taller_hill.Item.Gbx fabinshain
trough.Item.Gbx fabinshain
underground_anti-clip.Block.Gbx fabinshain
Watchtower.Item.Gbx fabinshain
Water-Entry_deepsea.Block.Gbx fabinshain
small_support_sand.Block.Gbx fabinshain
Stalacmites.Item.Gbx fabinshain
Stalactites.Item.Gbx fabinshain
support_block.Block.Gbx fabinshain
trees_flat.Item.Gbx fabinshain
trees_on_hill.Item.Gbx fabinshain
shicane_fewer_trees.Block.Gbx fabinshain
short_rock_base.Item.Gbx fabinshain
small_dune.Item.Gbx fabinshain
small_mount.Block.Gbx fabinshain
small_mountain_top3.Item.Gbx fabinshain
small_sand_dune.Item.Gbx fabinshain
sand_to_grass.Block.Gbx fabinshain
sand_tracks.Block.Gbx fabinshain
sand_tracks_cp.Block.Gbx fabinshain
schlauchboot.Item.Gbx fabinshain
seetang.Item.Gbx fabinshain
shadow_fix.Item.Gbx fabinshain
rock_hill.Item.Gbx fabinshain
sand_anti_shadowbug.Item.Gbx fabinshain
Sand_dune_CP.Block.Gbx fabinshain
sand_only.Block.Gbx fabinshain
Sand_Phone.Block.Gbx fabinshain
Sand_Piece.Block.Gbx fabinshain
pixelart_red_panda.Item.Gbx fabinshain
Pizza_Dock.Block.Gbx fabinshain
Pizzabaker.Item.Gbx fabinshain
Pizzadealer.Item.Gbx fabinshain
Pizzasign.Item.Gbx fabinshain
pride_rock.Item.Gbx fabinshain
pixelart_giraffe.Item.Gbx fabinshain
pixelart_hyena.Item.Gbx fabinshain
pixelart_lion.Item.Gbx fabinshain
pixelart_panda.Item.Gbx fabinshain
pixelart_panther.Item.Gbx fabinshain
pixelart_rabbit.Item.Gbx fabinshain
new_fish.Item.Gbx fabinshain
Parking_lines.Item.Gbx fabinshain
pixelart_bison.Item.Gbx fabinshain
pixelart_deer.Item.Gbx fabinshain
pixelart_elephant.Item.Gbx fabinshain
pixelart_flamingo.Item.Gbx fabinshain
L_SupportNadeoBridge_with_Logo.Item.Gbx fabinshain
ParkLogo_hotel.Item.Gbx fabinshain
ParkLogo_sign.Item.Gbx fabinshain
lawn.Block.Gbx fabinshain
lawn_end.Block.Gbx fabinshain
Nemo_small.Item.Gbx fabinshain
jellyfish.Item.Gbx fabinshain
pier_barrier_matched.Item.Gbx fabinshain
WoodLowSlope_small.Item.Gbx fabinshain
WoodLowSlopeToFlat_small.Item.Gbx fabinshain
Wood_low_bridge.Item.Gbx fabinshain
L_SupportNadeoBridge_ParkLogo.Item.Gbx fabinshain
higher_hill_p2.Block.Gbx fabinshain
just_block.Block.Gbx fabinshain
just_sand.Block.Gbx fabinshain
Palm1.Item.Gbx fabinshain
underwater_clutter.Item.Gbx fabinshain
TW-Pillars.Item.Gbx fabinshain
flat_to_deepsea_corner.Block.Gbx fabinshain
flat_to_deepsea_corner_outside.Block.Gbx fabinshain
glas-plane.Item.Gbx fabinshain
grasspatch.Item.Gbx fabinshain
high_sand_hill.Block.Gbx fabinshain
higher_hill.Block.Gbx fabinshain
deepsea_flat.Block.Gbx fabinshain
desert_ground_clutter.Item.Gbx fabinshain
desert_ground_clutter_bigtree.Item.Gbx fabinshain
desert_ground_clutter_bush.Item.Gbx fabinshain
dirt_path_corner.Block.Gbx fabinshain
flat_to_deepsea.Block.Gbx fabinshain
Cave_Entrance.Block.Gbx fabinshain
cave_exit.Item.Gbx fabinshain
cave_wall.Item.Gbx fabinshain
clean_road_flat_s.Block.Gbx fabinshain
cleaned-cp.Item.Gbx fabinshain
cleaned-cp_banner_only.Item.Gbx fabinshain
beach_flat_sea.Block.Gbx fabinshain
beach_no_greenery.Block.Gbx fabinshain
beach_to_lawn.Block.Gbx fabinshain
bench.Item.Gbx fabinshain
big_palmtree.Item.Gbx fabinshain
car_hitbox.Item.Gbx fabinshain
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