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by  WRAITH  |  27
AT   00:39.503 |  Valley / ValleyCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  221015 
 07 August 2021 11:09:04
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:37.134  SioulB JLM 27 (100%) 13-08-21
2nd   00:37.388  Larentz 21.6 (80%) 21-09-21
3rd   00:37.633  noni 17.55 (65%) 22-09-21
4th   00:38.479   Eternity 14.85 (55%) 05-09-21
5th   00:39.102  Nighthawk 12.42 (46%) 09-08-21
6th   00:41.726  nibor 10.8 (40%) 08-08-21
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 Author Comments
Very nice speed flow map got good votes on VMS Player Channel

2021 Summer Time special maps from VMS Player Channel
which are also apart of the VMS Map Pack here on MX
Please use this link you may have missed more that i just uploaded !

Hope yous have some fun of this kind of map, till next time take care
and stay safe
 Embedded objects41 Objects
Object IX? Object author
V-BigRoadFinish.Item.gbx xrayjay
V-RingCP.Item.gbx xrayjay
ArrowLN.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WarningDownLeft.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WarningDownRight.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WarningSign.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WarningSignLeft.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WarningSignRight.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
RockPilex1.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
RockPilex2.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
ShortSteelBridgeMidFrame.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
TerrainNarrowRockFace.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
TerrainRockFace.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
TailFlipX3.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WoodenFenceA1x8OpenEnd.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
HiRiseX1SOLAR.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
HiRiseX2.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
LegSpt.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
Pipex3.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
PowerStation.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WarningUpLeft.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WarningUPRight.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
T4RedGreenBarrier.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WoodenFenceA1.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WoodenFenceA1ClosedGate.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
WoodenFenceA1x8.Item.Gbx tomhellrider1966
05-X.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
07-V.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
08-U.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
10-S.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
11-R.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
13-P.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
12-D.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
13-C.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
15-A.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
14-O.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
15-N.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
03-M.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
05-K.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
10-F.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
11-E.Item.Gbx sorrowcroatia1996
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