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by  Degenerate Hype...  |  0
AT   01:32.137 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Expert 
ID  224639 
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 Author Comments
Meh, I'm dogwater at this game so I didn't hunt this map for long, so it is possible to go way faster than the author medal. Also cool start, just pf first 10 seconds 👍 .

As you can tell by the scenery, I like Ukraine... and also ads, like, obsessed with ads. Scenery is kinda the main premise of this map, I alone worked on it for 5 days straight.

Have fun :)

 Embedded objects18 Objects
Object IX? Object author
RoadRaisedBanked.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
RoadRaisedBankedCurve2.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
RoadToRaisedBankedLeft2.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
StadiumRoadRaisedToBankLeftShear.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
StadiumRoadToRaisedBankLeftShear.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
HillSupport.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
RoadRaisedStart.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
RoadRaisedTurbo.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
StadiumPlatformRoadIce.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
IcePlatformEdge.Item.Gbx Trackmaniadude
IcePlatformEdgeIn.Item.Gbx Trackmaniadude
IcePlatformEdgeOut.Item.Gbx Trackmaniadude
RoadRaisedCurve2.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
RoadRaisedHillTall.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
IceQuarterPipeBottom.Block.Gbx degeneratehyperbola
RampDownRoofBumper.Block.Gbx degeneratehyperbola
RoadToRaisedBankedLeft1.Block.Gbx degeneratehyperbola
RaisedCenter.Block.Gbx degeneratehyperbola
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