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 UDT - Aurora

by  Deejay  |  38
AT   00:49.701 |  Stadium / StadiumCar   |   Intermediate 
ID  74295 
 02 August 2017 00:15:27
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# Record User Score Date
1st   00:48.794  xAziix 38 (100%) 18-09-19
2nd   00:48.908  super-papou 36.48 (96%) 14-11-17
3rd   00:48.932  Bepino 34.96 (92%) 11-11-14
4th   00:49.027  SpaceBang 33.44 (88%) 12-11-14
5th   00:49.127  marvin13 31.92 (84%) 12-11-14
6th   00:49.320  rckz 30.4 (80%) 17-03-19
7th   00:49.490  Deejay 28.88 (76%) 11-11-14
8th   00:49.702  Rasque 27.36 (72%) 14-01-16
9th   00:50.597  Bernstein 25.84 (68%) 30-11-14
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 Author Comments

Hiii M'X ! :p

Aaaah, back with a track that I can finally be a bit proud and btw selected for the Unlimited Dirt Tournament 2014 Grand Final! It may be one of my best and maybe on of my last track. At the moment I still have one classic comp track in stock, and a nice TA track for qualifs or whatever. After the release of these maps, I really don't know If I will make new tracks. In fact, there are different problems : Need more free time IRL, and I spend all my free time to hangout with my friends and manage the different things I do aswell on TrackMania. The other problem is the lack of ideas, I put all my last fresh ideas on the TA map I spoke higher.

Well, I won't write more shits :p About the track, I think the flow is never broken on this one and I think it's the main positive point. About the originality, I think it's not bad at all, I tried a right left right start full speed with transitions and jump which works very well. Finally, about the bugs unfortunatly I think at one spot (on the grey block after banking) if you don't take the right line, you can bug almost on each rounds, BE CARREFUL with that please and don't rage for nothing or because of you ! :p

Nice screen by   Elvestad


-   rx47


:done: Author Time: 49.70''
:build: GPS in 49.59" by   rx47
:build: Scenery: 3221'
:build: Mood: Sunrise
:build: Signs: TM, UDT & Perso
:done: Shadows: calculated in HQ
:done: Preview : YouTube

Others Tracks:

My track for the UDT qualifications :

My last ESL map :

:award: Have Fun and Award it ! :award:

- Deejay
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